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Is This The Face Of The Next Big Thing On U.S. Daytime Television?

Is This The Face Of The Next Big Thing On U.S. Daytime Television?

She’s no Oprah, but she’s coming to a TV near you . . . and things could get interesting, to say the least.

A few weeks ago, NBCUniversal announced the addition of a fourth daytime talk show to their rotation, to be produced at the Connecticut-based Stamford Media Center.  That new show will be hosted by Trisha Goddard, and her weekday talk show, Trisha, will be the newest addition to several daytime talk shows already produced in Stamford, including The Jerry Springer Show, The Steve Wilkos Show, and Maury.

So just who is Trisha Goddard?

Well, Goddard started her climb to fame as a television reporter, and was the first black anchorwoman on Australian television.  That led to her being offered her own TV show, simply called Trisha Goddard, back home in England.

Connecticut-based reports that Goddard was known as the “queen of chat” in the United Kingdom, will use her conflict-resolution skills to help people navigate challenging issues.

Goddard’s show in England was on the air for four years (first on ITV, and then on Channel 5) before it was cancelled, after Goddard revealed she had been diagnosed with breast cancer.

But Goddard is now free of cancer and ready to get back to doing what it is she loves to.

In a recent interview with Hello!, Goddard told the publication, “Cancer has definitely changed me. I love what I do – I love connecting with people, whether it’s in the street or on television – but I’m far more relaxed about it all now; I’m not some career-driven beast these days.  I used to live everywhere but in the “here and now”. I live in the “now” these days.  I really do.”

The question now is, “Can Goddard be a success in the already-crowded daytime TV game here in America?”

She’ll have to compete with the likes of Ghetto Court (I kid!), Judge Judy, Ellen, Jerry, Dr. Oz, Anderson Cooper, and Maury.  And that’s not even considering the upcoming Steve Harvey daytime talk-show, which will likely have a built-in audience from his popular morning radio-show.

It’s not going to be easy.  But before we count her out, did I mention that Goddard has a slight advantage to work with?  I found out that Goddard is not that new to U.S. audiences, after all.

For a taste of what to expect when Trisha hits the air, check out the below clip of Goddard, from when she served as a guest host on Maury:

“You put your shoes on sweetie, or I ain’t reading the results!”

Looks like Trisha Goddard is in the success-proven business of airing folks’ dirty laundry.  And if she follows the current Maury format, Trisha is likely to be a popular show, because we know how folks like some Maury.

Like I said before, this likely isn’t going to be The Oprah Winfrey Show.  But I’m definitely interested to see what it actually turns out to be.

Will you be watching?

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LOL! great to see trisha back but judging from that clip i guess she has to be a little more agressive in america her show in england was very soft there wasnt any fights more sally than jerry.


Btw, even though she looks BLACK she is actually mixed race her father is white.


It's interesting that Black women, after White men, are the most successful when it comes to hosting this type of Trash talk show setup. White women who tried in the past never achieved this level of notoriety (Ricky Lake was successful, an exception.) hmm. be fun to study the psychology, racial dynamics of this. Anyway, to this one, god no more.


So basically she's another wendy williams?!

Geneva Girl

No, no, no, no, no.


Not an advocate for foolery, but it's interesting we forget: Oprah didn't start out with hour-long shows about cupcakes and charities. She started out with stories like these, if I'm not mistaken.


I think I remember hearing this dumb chick's annoying voice while flipping channels and wondering how the hell did Maury find a black female junkier than him. Hope this sinks. I'll wait for Queen Latifah's show.


Sergio IS the babies daddy! And Emmanuel, the test results are in. When asked if you've been faithful to your wife, you said, "absolutely". The tests indicate that you were not be truthful. See there, any monkey can fill Maury's seat. What real skills does it take to sit among a bunch of "Cops" rejects? "Bad boys bad boys what you gonna do, run to Maury's and act a damn fool". This type of reality TV's success has little do to with the host. It's all about the folks who believe they've come up by dropping all their business on the street for $ 500.00 and a one nights stay at Red Roof Inn. Sidebar: I don't think it's fair to lump/include Anderson Cooper in this list of garbage spin doctors. But if Trisha Goddard's new show is anything like Jerrrrrry's- Jeeerrrrrry's and Maaaury's, I know why the caged bird sings and Trisha, who looks awfully tantilizing laying on that couch (sexy I'd say) is sitting in the catbird's seat.

Miles Ellison

Other than the English accent, what's the difference between her and the other trash mongers on daytime TV?


There are NO standards on T.V.

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