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It’s the End of the Rope for ‘Kony 2012’ After Filmmaker Arrested for Alleged Public Masturbation

It's the End of the Rope for 'Kony 2012' After Filmmaker Arrested for Alleged Public Masturbation

As “Kony 2012” became one of the most rapidly spread viral videos in online video history, the group of filmmakers incorporated under the name Invisible Children, raised eyebrows and questions for many who saw the video.  The group of three San Diego filmmakers have made hundreds of films vaguely addressing the social unrest in Uganda. 

Reports are that last night, Invisible Children filmmaker and “Kony 2012” star Jason Russell was arrested for allegedly masturbating in public and vandalizing cars while intoxicated.

Last week, Indiewire took a closer look at what people were saying about the organization, and even defended the organization on some points (Hey, it’s not that uncommon for filmmakers to not spend all of their money on their films, and none or very little on their subjects!). 

As people the world over began to take a closer look at the organization (and sift through their more than 200 videos), some really strange things came up.  For instance, the organization produced a slick “High School Musical” spoof in 2006 to promote a nationwide awareness-raising town square sleep-in.  With vague gestures towards the issue they claimed they were raising awareness for, people were given further evidence to question whether the filmmakers had the best of intentions.

UK television personality Charlie Brooker dellivered a fantastic tirade against the organizations dubious intentions, too.  In it, he includes footage of a visit to Liberty University, where Russell speaks about the craft of making an evangelical Christian message palatable to a broad audience.

Things also didn’t fare very well when a group of Ugandan citizens were shown the “Kony 2012” hit

Will it all be unveiled as a cruel hoax?  One couldn’t possibly have imagined a more bizarre unfolding of events.

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I believe "the end of the rope" in the title was a reference to the act of masturbation.
Jason was, after all, tugging at the end of his rope.


And this Kony thing is being followed by indiewire why?


#fail for indiewire's sensational headline. is this gawker?


Since there is no evidence whatsoever that he masturbated in public Indiewire is proving that its journalistic skills are no better than the thousands of lame blogs that do no more than reprint whatever BS is being spewed across the internet…very sad. Shame on you people!


I avoided that Kony 2012 video for well over a week until a friend e-mailed it to me, not because she thought it was so influential but because she found it somewhat disturbing and wondered whether she was being overly sensitive. After I reluctantly viewed the video, I must say I was disturbed by it as well.
Was it just my sensibilities or did anyone else notice a Kony 2012 poster that had a suspicious resemblance to the now famous Obama 2008 campaign poster?? The entire video was just weird…not to mention they used an unauthorized clip of George Clooney talking about Omar al Bashir of Sudan and manipulated (very apt work JayC.) it to make it look as if he was talking about Joseph Kony. The video left me with more questions about this Invisible Children organization than about the warlord (who was probably more infamous 7 or 8 years ago–where was this video then?). However, I wasn't expecting an incident like this! Perhaps this guy experienced a psychotic break??


Western audiences are so very easy to manipulate largely because most don't bother to read past the headlines. It's the price of living in a soundbite culture. Additionally, it would be worth considering the possibility that the number of views this film has had on youtube has be…massaged. This often happens with youtube. I have tracked videos in which the number of views have actually DECLINED over time. Go figure. Who's to say the opposite cannot happen? Half the buzz this film has had has been about the number of views it's had…do you really think that's a coincidence?

This film seems to urge US Military intervention in Uganda. All you need to ask yourself is: Cui bono?. ..After which, the answer to many lingering questions about this project should reveal themselves…just as nakedly as the filmmaker recently has.


The Wrap paraphrased Lt. Brown of the SDPD as saying,"The police found Russell in his underwear but that there was no evidence of traffic collisions, vandalism or masturbation."



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