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Jane Fonda To Play Nancy Reagan In Lee Daniels’ ‘The Butler’

Jane Fonda To Play Nancy Reagan In Lee Daniels' 'The Butler'

Thanks to her anti-war and feminist positions, Jane Fonda has never been a friend to right wingers, so this latest bit of casting news is sure to ruffle more than a few feathers.

Lee Daniels continues to cast up his massive, ensemble style “The Butler,” and has selected Jane Fonda for the role of Nancy Reagan. The film is being set up in the same manner as his aborted “Selma,” with financing still coming into place, but like that project, the director is hoping the starry cast can get the money the project needs (and without the protective nature of the Martin Luther King Jr. estate involved, it will likely be a bit easier to pull together). Based on a true story, Forest Whitaker will play Eugene Allen, a servant who worked in the White House for 34 years under eight presidents, and watched the political changes that allowed segregation to come to an end. David Oyelowo is also onboard, playing Allen’s son.

A number of other actors are circling parts, including Oprah Winfrey as Allen’s wife, John Cuasck as Richard Nixon and Liam Neeson as Lyndon Johnson. Some of these roles may not amount to much more than cameo appearances, and indeed, Fonda will apparently only appear in a few scenes.

We presume this bit of news will make hard right folks like Glenn Beck (or whoever) apoplectic, so their overly dramatic reactions will probably be hilarious/terrifying to watch. If everything comes together, “The Butler” will shoot this summer. [Variety]

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I think casting Hanoi Jane for any role is an outrage, but especially the role of Nance Reagan, give me a break. Hanoi Jane couldn't carry Nancy's lunchbox, I am sure Ronnie is doing pinwhells in his grave at the very thought of a revolting idea such as this. Hanio Janc should have been tried for treason and put in prison for the rest of her natural life.


Regardless of your political beliefs, to have Hanoi Jane Fonda play Nancy Reagan is an insult to every Vietnam Vet that served. I would have that Lee Daniels, who is an excellent director, would reconsider this poison decision.


What a disgusting choice…Jane Traitor Fonda as Nancy Reagan. What an insult to America much less the Reagan family. Hopefully Lee Daniels will 'think' about what he is doing and back up and regroup otherwise I'm sure this movie will be protested by many ex-Veterans, myself included.


Alice is right! This movie will bomb! What a disgusting choice to play one of Americas greatest conservative women. Nancy should come out and strongly object. I am a Nam vet and remember how much of a traitor Hanoi Jane was during the war, she should have been brought up on charges years ago!


Great way to ensure less then stellar box office receipts. Forget Glenn Beck as he won't be your problem. Might be best to think of all of us who remember Jane's actions and/or know veterans of the Vietnam war or even current service men. NOT ONE DIME will I or my family spend on this movie!!!!!


This casting is great! Can't wait to hear Fonda just saying no!

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