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Jeremy Renner, Javier Bardem & Natalie Portman In Early Negotiations To Join Michael Fassbender In Ridley Scott’s ‘The Counselor’

Jeremy Renner, Javier Bardem & Natalie Portman In Early Negotiations To Join Michael Fassbender In Ridley Scott's 'The Counselor'

Ever since its surprise announcement a month or so back, “The Counselor,” the first script written directly for the screen by Pulitzer Prize-winner Cormac McCarthy, author of “No Country For Old Men” and “The Road,” has been one of the hottest projects in Hollywood. Swiftly snapped up by the producers of “The Road,” the film soon had Ridley Scott attached to direct, and man-of-the-moment Michael Fassbender locked into the lead role, an attorney who gets way over their head in the drugs trade.

But while a host of A-list talent were mentioned in connection with other roles, little solid information has slipped out to date as to who might end up joining Fassbender in the project. Having got our grubby fingers on the script, we weighed in a week or two back on who we’d put on the film if we got our way, but now Scott seems to have had his say, as Twitch has learned that three actors are in early talks to come on board the project.

According to the well-connected site, both Jeremy Renner and Javier Bardem, who were previously mentioned as circling the film, are having ‘preliminary conversations’ to join the film, while Natalie Portman is also in negotations for the female lead, Laura, the fiancee of Fassbender’s character, which would mark her first return to the screen since her Oscar win for “Black Swan.” No longer in the running, it would seem: Brad Pitt, was originally mentioned in the same breath as Renner and Bardem.

We have to say, there are some questions here that remain to be answered. Twitch states that both Renner and Bardem are in talks for the same part, that of Reiner, a criminal who brings The Counselor into the drugs trade, who they describe as ‘the villain of the piece.’ But as you’ll have noted from our look at the script, it’s a stretch to describe the role as a villain. Furthermore, it seems like poor practice for both to be in talks for the same part: given there’s one other substantial male part, of another drug-running type, Westray, could they both end up in the film? We’d peg Renner for the role of Reiner, and Bardem for the Westray part, but it’s feasible that it might end up the other way around.

That being said, Twitch are normally on the money, so it’s possible that we’re in an either/or situation with Renner and Bardem, although it’s odd to think of them as being up for the same part. As for Portman, she seems to have a hole in her schedule, but it’s a brief one: she’ll shoot two Terrence Malick films, “Lawless” and “Knight of Cups” in the second half of the year, along with superhero sequel “Thor 2,” so one would hope that the film doesn’t have its start date pushed back.

Assuming that all three end up in the film, we’d still prefer our own picks based on the script (Joaquin Phoenix, Mark Strong and Jessica Chastain), but it’s hard to get too upset about a line-up of talent like this. And arguably the most indelible part in the script, that of Reiner’s other half, Malkina, is yet to be cast, and we’re intrigued to see where Scott goes to fill that role. All being well, shooting on “The Counselor” gets underway in May, and it’s hard to think of a 2013 movie that’ll be more anticipated.

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Gotcha. Thanks the reply Dazza.

Todd Brown

We're being told very definitely that the conversations with Renner and Bardem are both for Reiner. It's an odd situation in that both of them – along with Brad Pitt – made it clear very early that they wanted the part so what's happening now is more of a winnowing process than the producers making one pick and then going after them. Like we said in the article what's happening right now with Renner, Bardem and Portman are just basic conversations. It's not so much negotiations as people sussing each other out and letting mutual interest be known. thing is they're under such a tight timeline that when someone decides to pull the trigger on this it's all going to happen very, very fast.


like bardem but i'm pulling for renner


I am not big fan of Natalie Portman. Why they pick Keira Knighley


Armend – this is for you, not sure why there isn't a reply button next to your post. Correct, the site is a fan site. Didn't mean to suggest that I was speaking for Natalie. I just have a very solid source for these kinds of rumours.


I checked out that site and I'm curious- is it a fan site? There are pap pics on the homepage so I'm assuming it is but how do you know whether she is/isn't in talks for this role? I don't think her a site that her people run would have pics of her paying a valet driver, etc lol.

The Cineass

Portman was also in "No Strings Attached" after "Black Swan," but that movie is better left forgotten.


I like the Playlist suggestion of Jessica Chastain over Natalie Portman.

Stephen Staunton

She was in 'Thor' after 'Black Swan' – although if memory serves she shot 'Black Swan' after 'Thor'

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