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Joss Whedon Compiled A 1998 Mixtape? ‘The Avengers’ Soundtrack Features Evanescence, Papa Roach, Soundgarden, Bush & More

Joss Whedon Compiled A 1998 Mixtape? 'The Avengers' Soundtrack Features Evanescence, Papa Roach, Soundgarden, Bush & More

For the most part, comic book movies have never had great soundtracks, and generally, they tend to bring together a generic mass of rawk music, the kind of stuff that studio suits think that the steretypical 14 year-old boys watching the film would really be into. But the rest of the movie world has realized that a) girls listen to music too and b) corporate rock is out, indie rock is in (please see the shift towards Pitchfork approved bands on those “Twilight” soundtracks). But for the folks at Marvel, it’s still 1998.

The official soundtrack list for “The Avengers” was tweeted out today and it’s one of those “music from and inspired by” deals, but the selection is truly headscratching. Seriously, what fucking year is this? Papa Roach? Scott Weiland? Theory Of A Deadman? Buckcherry? Evanescence? Do people still actually listen to this music? Our guess is that the going rate for faded 1990s bands is probably a lot more affordable for the penny pinching Marvel, which must take precedence over gathering anthing remotely resembling something hip and contemporary. Oh, okay, so Soundgarden wrote their first new song in 15 years so that’s something we guess, and you can now hear the lifeless results of that song in full below (via

Anyway, enjoy listening to Bush and Rise Against when the soundtrack lands on May 1st. The movie arrives on May 4th.

“The Avengers” Soundtrack Tracklist

01. “Live To Us” – Soundgarden
02. “I’m Alive – Shinedown
03. “Dirt & Roses – Rise Against
04. “Even If I could – Papa Roach
05. “Unbroken” – Black Veil Brides
06. “Breath” – Scott Weiland
07. “Comeback” – Redlight King
08. “Into The Blue” – Bush
09. “A New Way To Bleed” (Photex Remix) – Evanescence
10. “Count Me Out” – Pusherjones
11. “Shoot To Thrill” – Theory of A Deadman
12. “Whereever I Go” – Buckcherry
13. “From Out Of Nowhere” – Five Finger Death Punch
14. “Shake The Ground” – Cherri Bomb
15. “Pistols At Dawn” – Kasabian

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Apparently Theory of a Deadman is no longer on the album. Any reasons why?


i read that Kasabian's song is an extra only for international version? is it true?



"Truly awful" huh?

You snot-nosed elitists.


Seeing as this is an action-packed movie, I find nothing wrong with the selected list of songs. Bands like Evanescence, Buckcherry, and Soundgarden are very talented and shouldn't be thrown to dust just because they've been around longer than Black Veil Brides. Because this is an action movie, it is neccesary to include songs from the artists above. Beating on a band because it has more expirience in making music isn't any reason to hate it at all. In my opinion, the music chosen for the movie is just right because it fits the movie's genre. No need to dis good bands just because the aren't the newest ones.


unless there is no Limp Biscuit or Korn! but i guess NIN or Smashing Pumpkins were too expensive (or just too good) for the soundtrack

Hombre Gato

Because the late 90's was such a great period for Marvel Comics…

lol… seriously though, don't be put off by it. Anyone who's ever purchased a movie soundtrack knows that it's bloated with music that never appears in the film and is typically missing the best tracks that do.


Well, a lot of you guys must not have any clue.

First of all, I doubt Joss had any hand in picking most of these songs.

Secondly, A LOT of people still listen to these bands. Not only that, but calling it a 1998 mixtape is far from accurate. Half of these groups did not become well known until the 2000s. The recommended 'Bush' at the end is, in fact, one of the most '90s' bands on the soundtrack. And for the other bands who are from the 90s, why does that mean they suck all of a sudden? Tell me, folks, would you rather have Justin Bieber and Britney Spears on this soundtrack? Or Jack Johnson and Adele? I mean come on.


Soundtrack should be matched for the movie's ambience. I like it, not bad. Sounds like Evanescence and Kasabian are kinda handful choices for supposed to be blockbusters. I like Evanescence but this one is just a remixed one.


I love a lot of Whedon's stuff to an embarrassing extent, but this sounds like the worst soundtrack in history. IN HISTORY. (I'm not hyperbolic at all.)

Andrew Tobias

This doesn't look so bad. Oh you "true music fans."


Too bad they didn't include We're In This Together Now by Nine Inch Nails even though they used it in one of the trailers. It's 1999!!!

Rude Rudiger


Christopher M.

I wouldn't be surprised if these were actually tracks chosen by Joss Whedon himself.. I could see him listening to this trashy shit.. However, he did write a lounge singer character into Angel so at least we're not getting fucking show tunes

James Kang

Oh, don't blame Whedon for the soundtrack. Pretty sure the Marvel Creative Committee (that's a real thing) chose those songs.


Truly awful, but I doubt Whedon had any more of a hand in it than Raimi did in the Spider-Man soundtrack, which, in case you've forgotten, featured Sum 41, Chad Kroeger, Alien Ant Farm, Aerosmith, and two rather transparent and out of place "hey it's the early 2000s and garage rock is the next big thing!" selections by The Hives and The Strokes. At least Whedon didn't have to put Macy Gray in a major set piece (I hope).


What the fuck, Joss? I mean… you haven't let me down yet, but… seriously, what the fuck?

Steven Flores

This is the soundtrack? Fuck that! With the exception of Soundgarden and Scott Weiland, all these bands suck. Another indication that rock music is truly dead.

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