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Kickstarter Campaign For Feature Film “Key Of Brown” (Believe me I warned him…)

Kickstarter Campaign For Feature Film "Key Of Brown" (Believe me I warned him...)

So this reminds of that bruhaha I caused back in early January when I posted the trailer for the indie film Because I Love You. You remember that film? The one about a stipper who’s kidnapped, sexually assualted and held against her will by a gang of robbers until one of the thieves falls in love with her and helps to plan her escape?  Yeah that one..

At the time I said I was honestly conflicted about putting something up about the film because of the subject matter and the reaction I knew it would get. But at the same time I felt like it was censorship if I didn’t. I mean who am I to judge what someone decides to make a film about? It’s up to you to make up your own mind whether you want to see it or not.

Well here we go again. Newark based filmmaker Vaughn Christion has started a Kickstarter campaign to get completion funds for his feature film Key of Brown which he wrote and directed. It stars Verina Banks, Struggle E. Stylez, James Lyones, Jacque Dorsey, Stan Adams and Europe Harmon.

And just like Beacuse I Love You, I had my doubts when I read the synopsis for the his film which takes place: one harrowing night in the life of Bernadette Lawson, a retiring call girl, recently released from prison and serving out the remainder of her sentence on monitored house arrest.  In need of cash, she can’t resist doing a, quick, one hour, five hundred dollar favor for her ex-madam but the night turns deadly when the client turns out to be a notorious serial killer of prostitutes, wanted by the F.B.I. and transporting a kilo of high quality brown heroin.

Now when I read that, I told Mr. Christion that a lot of people were going to get pretty upset. Black woman as prostitute… serial killer… drugs. It’s like he’s really asking for it isn’t he? He responded saying that he felt his story was “unique” and “it’s not at all what people think it is,” and will.answer any attacks.

So O.K. there it is. You’re free to make your comments.

For his Kickstarter campaign along with clips from the film go HERE.

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J Lyones

It amazes me how we as a people are so quick to be judge and jury before hearing (and in this case seeing and hearing) all the evidence. I'm sure not one person making negitive comments have seen even the trailer…yet are on a 100 percent assault to dismiss this project. Are there black whores in our world? Yes. Drugs and all other types of negitivity? Yes. A person has the right to create what they want to create. We should all learn to agree to disagree. I'm not here to influence anyone's decision to support this film, but at least in forming your opinion, see the trailer, read the script, or do anything other than blindly make assumptions on how a entertainment project brings our people down based solely on blogs.


This reminds me of that conversation on the S&A podcast about how black women are negatively written in scripts by a lot of us brothas. I admire dude's hustle though. Hopefully, he has future projects in the works that feature interesting stories and characters that are not stereotypes.


it the leading lady was white she would be a former escort who was unjustly jailed, gets out and is blackmaled by her former agency into one last job. it goes bad and she is saved by her boyfriend/probation officer because he believes in her and they live happy ever after. this guy hates black women and wrote his story line to reflect that and appeal to others that might finance the film.

Miles Ellison

Yet another example of the bottomless pit of creative scripts emerging from the independent film world. I wonder if he asked Viola Davis to play the lead role.


"Key of Brown"~ is a Fiction narrative piece of filmmaking. It is Film-Making… Understand the creative mind from an indie filmmaker stand point, even Hollywood's point. It's Not about saving a community. It's about entertainment; seriously do you really think "John Carter" is going to save us. A white man dressed like a caveman is going to kill the space monsters and by the way get some alien nooky in the between time? Jennifer Love Hewitt is in the "Client's List" ~ are you pissed about that too! Its story telling, Trust me Chicken little got eaten before the sky will ever fall. So sit back relax, escape and enjoy the show for about 2+ hours.


I will post what I posted to the other film referenced. Maybe it will help us understand the context @VAUGHNCHRISTION – 1. Was your film based on a true story?; 2. Were you influenced by your experiences with prostitutes in your day-to-day life?; 3. Would you say you know a great number of exotic dancers, if so, how many?; 4. Did you interview these "dancers" about their domestic lives and coping mechanisms, which it would seem your character would need to exhibit in your movie; 5. HAVE YOU SEEN THE DOCUMENTARY VERY YOUNG GIRLS?; 6. Did you interview former female inmates?; 7. Can you name some other action dramas with AA female leads (idk too many)? 8. I suspect you chose prostitution because it is a riskier environment that would help explain the direction of the storyline. Had you considered another life path for your female protagonist? If so, what was it/were they? 9. Why a female lead?; 10. What message are you trying to convey and how would you characterize your audience (who is this movie speaking to)? Is there a message?; 11. Given the current dialogue on the imagery of Black women in videos (jezebels/whores), on television (mammy's, sapphires), where do you think your movie lies (not what one would suppose I think, or others who might have misgiving about the synopsis, what you feel and do you believe its place on the spectrum matters)? SIDENOTE: You know…BET keeps putting up these, like, Shemar Moore, Vivica Fox suspense/thriller movies and I'm just like…are "we" into this? Even so, the plots seem so weak and unstudied. It's that study and an understanding of the human condition that makes these stories, as horrible as we might believe them to be, multi-dimensional and worth watching. 12. Do you feel like your movie has more depth than the suspense movies I just referenced? If so, why?


The original link to the "Because I Love You" S&A post


We just got finished screaming about black women as maids now this idiot wants to put black whores out there? WTF is his problem?


I remember when Vaughn was actually writing his screenplay, "Key of Brown". It is very good to know he took his vision, his dreams – put em to ink and paper and has now completed once again another indie full feature film. What I admire about Mr. Christion is that he does not disappoint; when he says he is going to make a film, rest a shore he has made his mind up 100%. Vaughn has been making films for sometime now. Check it, he is the first dude I ever met who was Black, lived in Newark and was a filmmaker. Before I ever heard of Spike Lee, Ernest Dickerson (another Great filmmaker from Newark) or John Singleton, I knew about Vaughn Christion. Today, there are many indie Black filmmakers coming out of Newark, NJ but far as I can remember, for a very longtime it was just Vaughn doing it. Here are a few of his film, that I know of personally because I was in em. "Spirit of an Angel" ~ "The Wrong Disciple" ~ "An Awesome Evil" ~ "Silent Death" (OMG! Hahaha! Silent Death) then there was "Heaven". Hey, I actually met my wife, when we made "Heaven" ~ thanks Vaughn for casting Roxann. However, we need to support "Key of Brown" ~ I know it sounds Bugged out, but I promise you this. If you want to be entertained, Support "Key of Brown," KickStarter Campaign, then tell everyone you know that you did and then go see it when it comes out in a theater near you. That is what I am going to do.

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