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Mia Wasikowska To Star In Adaptation Of ‘Madame Bovary’; Paul Giamatti Also Eyeing Role

Mia Wasikowska To Star In Adaptation Of 'Madame Bovary'; Paul Giamatti Also Eyeing Role

Oh boy, another musty dusty literary adaptation? Even with our girl Mia Wasikowska (who is in danger to becoming the young go-to girl for period movies with “Jane Eyre” and “Albert Nobbs” under her belt), we can’t say we’re overly excited. Though, this film could turn out to be something a bit different.

The work in question this time around is Gustave Flaubert‘s “Madame Bovary,” and though it has already been adapted for the big and small screen numerous times (most recently at the arthouse in 1991 by Claude Chabrol starring Isabelle Huppert and for BBC TV in 2000) this latest endeavor comes from director Sophie Barthes. Who’s that? She’s the helmer behind the po-mo, meta (and kind of not very good) “Cold Souls” from a couple of years ago that starred Paul Giamatti. And he seems to have enjoyed that experience because he’s eyeballing a role here too.

Indeed, Variety reports that it will be a “fresh retelling…emphasizing the more youthful and contemporary themes.” Rose Barreneche penned the script, so let’s see if this tale set in 19th century France will bring something new to the table.

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Isn't interesting*


apparently an adaptation of the greatest book of all time is interesting to bloggers on indiewire who are on an ideational decline since they graduated college with a degree in cinema studies. Can we please gets some updates from this site that isn't riddles with snide opinions made by shitty grammarians who couldn't write a blurb if their life depended on it?


"literary adaptation" plus de francais romans aussi, plus the coming soon one Australian (starred by bunch of its actors) version of Les Miserables. Now comes this Hollywood version. The young actress is good at portraiting classic novels such as Jane Eyre. Et Isabelle Huppert's version is just awesome.

Oogle monster

Is Mia out period-piecing the reigning queen Keira Knightley? Oh snap! Either way, she's damn talented so I'll watch her in anything.

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