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Nia Long On “Love Jones” Sequel: “We’ve Been Talking About It” (Do YOU Want To See It?)

Nia Long On "Love Jones" Sequel: "We've Been Talking About It" (Do YOU Want To See It?)

Talk of a sequel to Love Jones have been in the air for some time now, though nothing concrete has developed thus far; and whether director Theodore Witcher, who, as his words suggest, became somewhat disillusioned with the industry and seemed to walk away from it, will even want to make a sequel is another uncertainty.

I haven’t seen the film in ages (it screened at the New Voices In Black Cinema Festival last month, with Witcher and co-star Lisa Nicole Carson in attendance) but I was in LA at the time, so I missed it); one thing I do know is that it’s a movie that’s nearly universally loved by black folks; it’s rare that I hear anything negative said about that film, and it repeatedly turns up, year after year, on various “top black films of all time” lists; some even think of it as a classic, even though it’s not that old.

But does anyone really want to see a sequel to it? Seriously, do you? I feel like nostalgia for the original, as well as the era in which it was created, might be influencing our thoughts on this. The thought of it might be more appealing than the actual realization of it. 

I say, leave it alone. I’d rather see Witcher do something fresh, new, original, especially give how many relationship dramas/rom-coms we’ve seen since then. If a sequel does happen, I think it’d run the risk of being lumped in with all the other so-called buppie rom-coms that came after Love Jones. It’ll have to be done somewhat differently than those in order to separate itself from them, encouraging audiences to believe that it’s not just another Best Man, or Brown Sugar, or any of all those others that starred Taye Diggs, Morris Chestnut, Sanaa Lathan, Gabrielle Union, and, yes, even Nia Long.

And if it has to be done, and Witcher doesn’t want to do it, but there’s studio interest in backing it, maybe get a director with a completely different sense of style, and who’s shown an interest and ability in handling romance on film, like maybe an up-and-comer like Barry Jenkins, as I proposed a couple of years ago when this last came up. I’d be much more interested in seeing what fresh talent like Barry can do with the material.

In the video clip below, Hip Hollywood caught up with Nia Long last week and asked her about a Love Jones sequel, and here’s what she had to say:

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Love Jones is one of my absolute faves but not sure I want to see a sequel. Though, I'd support it no doubt because I am a big fan of Nia and the original. Btw, I loved The Best Man just a little bit more than Love Jones so of course I can't agree with Tambay's implication that its somehow inferior to Love Jones. :)


@ Miles, good point. And aside from the 12 million issue, the social dynamics of that time period (1997)have drastically changed. 15 years ago there was no Facebook, BET romcoms, Tyler Perry movies… programs, etc, nor countless other black programs in which we could see ourselves in supposed everyday settings. Today it's not that kind of party, so who is, or would be, the target audience? Plus, it goes without question that the original cast was the real jewel. How would one duplicate that fine core of actors (with no names) and still sell tickets? Hey, why don't they remake Do The Tight Thing? Riiiiiiiight! Exactly! I am suggesting that there has to be a calling card, ACTORS, a hook, a lure, a tangling piece of meat… or sumtin'. Somebody said it… JUST LEAVE WELL ENOUGH ALONE.

Miles Ellison

When Love Jones came out, it only made 12 million at the box office. Whatever people may have thought of it good or bad, it was fairly non-stereotypical black entertainment, but it didn't make a lot of money. Tyler Perry's movies do a lot better than this. In light of that, what makes anyone think that there's an audience for a sequel?


Different strokes for different folks BUT the original Love Jones is not in my top 100. I just don't get it. I'll have to watch it again but my memories tell me it was bunch of contrived hipness. You know, while viewing it, I felt like I was in was of those wine & cheese poetry reading joints. C'mon now, y'all surely know what I'm talking about. A brotha or sistah reads their stuff and the joint starts finger poppin' (snapping their fingers) like they've opened the back door to heaven, when in reality their stuff was just okay. That's what I feel about Love Jones…. black folks sitting in the student's lounge cafe talking that thang. Remake? Shake-me, wake-me when there's something to take out of the oven.



Ivory Jeff Clinton

I LOVE Love Jones. One of my top 5 favorite movies of all time. But a sequel? No, not interested. I'm fine with the story ending the way it did. Now, another Nia Long/Larenz Tate team-up in a completely different movie? Absolutely. That's what I'd love to see.


Would prefer an original movie. So many stories available still untold onscreen.


I think it would be better if it was a coming of age film about their children with the parents giving advice to the male and female offspring with flash backs to the parents love relationship behavior from the original movie.


Leave well enough alone.


I think that they should have a different type of sequel, a continuation of what happens after falling in love. I always thought that Isaiah Washington,'s character gave the perfect setup when his character who is married says to Larenz Tate's character "y'all running around falling in and out of love ain't s#-$, can someone please tell me how to stay there ". What I loved about love Jones most is that these were what I would consider every day pop people. I would love to see that same story develop in the context of black marriage. I don't think that story has been brought to the big screen, sans the melodrama of a Tyler Perry movie,which to me lacks the balance of acting,plot,and overall story of Love Jones.


Leave it alone. Done.


No, leave it as is. I hate sequels like this. Why can't we leave those characters in that time, let our imaginations run on what could be? We need new stories anyway.


Why not? The characters in "Best Man" are so beloved that I feel there would be an overwhelming interest in it.It's a classic in the sense that it set motion a new genre in Black film, and at least two generations love the film. I agree that a fresh pair of eyes should direct it; of course the danger is that too much studio involvement, particularly with a unproven director, could ruin it. Particularly if they try to "Tyler Perry" it. LOL


I would say take the seed of the old film and make a new film with new characters, the climate of where those original characters , like where they lived, where they hung out etc, but a new one would be very difficult cause the only way would be to do a double bill in theaters and show the old one and then the new one and your asking folks to sit in a theater for 3 plus hours, I am only thinking logical here -practical, I didn't even know it was 14 years since the original, all those original characters have changed or should have. Wow it would have been nice if we had 6 films from the director in those 14 years with all new characters delivering in that superb style of his. I think LOVE JONES was bit different than any other of that group of films , the skin was different. it could be done but it's code that would have to be cracked. I would say as difficult as doing a GODFATHER sequel right now!!!!


I'd rather have a quality rip off(not remake) with the style and flair of the original with a new cast than a direct sequel to a film 14 years later. It would be a breath of fresh air within the current climate of black film but a sequel is not necessary. I don't need more from these characters. It's been too long. And are we really at such a creative dearth right now that we have to take our best films and continue them? Very rarely do quality Hollywood films get sequels. I'm not one to say it will ruin the original but…the legacy just wouldn't be the same. Make a sequel to all that The Best Man/The Wood/The Brothers/Brown Sugar stuff but not this.

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