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No Surprise! Oprah’s Interview With Whitney Houston’s Family Most Watched OWN Show Ever

No Surprise! Oprah's Interview With Whitney Houston's Family Most Watched OWN Show Ever

Safe to say that it was very much expected and it came true that Oprah's primetime interview special with Whitney Houston's family and her daughter Bobbi Kristina was, far and away, the most watched show ever on the OWN network

The show, which was broadcast Sunday night and for sure will be repeated again soon, drew 3 and half million viewers earning a 3.1 rating among the network's' targted demographic – women between the ages of 25-54

The special program also remarkable managed to increase the number of viewers watching the show every half hour during the show's 90 miniutes.

And this is on top of good news that the network increased viewership during the month of February, an average of 12 percent during primetime

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I watched this interview. However, I learned nothing new from it. Except how surprised I was that Oprah would exploit a family tragedy so quickly on national television. The first thing she asked when she got in the house was "Where is Bobbi Kristina?" She wanted to get Bobbi K on camera because she would get the highest ratings. She then asked a series of inane questions. Many of them are the same ones she always asks all celebrities she interviews, but some of them included "How have you been able to get through this?". Well Oprah, she hasn't been able to get through this you know why? Because it JUST HAPPENED. Whitney's been in the ground for what, 2 1/2 weeks? And you're interrupting her grieving process by forcing her to answer questions before she's had time to properly process all that's happened to her. IE, Oprah: Did you always wonder in the back of your mind if this day would come? The day that your mother died early? Bobbi K: No. Oprah: Really? Even with all the drugs and stuff she was doing? Bobbi K: ;_;

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Wonder when Oprah is going to realize that with OWN she can do the network one better. Get some news on there with real journalists that do it old school, they give a balanced report free of opinion. Sports with good female sportscasters. Some scripted programs, even one good one for a start. This I would love to see along with the other stuff she's doing.


Oprah really needed this one too.


They are airing it four times in a row tonight. My God!

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