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Oprah Defends Interview With Bobbi Kristina

Oprah Defends Interview With Bobbi Kristina

Here’s some more Oprah news for your morning.

Though it was a ratings smash for OWN, making it the most watched program in the network’s short existence so far, Oprah’s recent interview with Whitney Houston’s family – in particular, with her daughter Bobbi Kristina – has gotten a lot of criticism.

Many people expressed their opinion that Oprah was tactless and insensitive to interview the young woman at such an extremely difficult time in her life, and that it was nothing more than a desperate and ruthless bid to grab huge ratings.

Oprah however feels that she has nothing to apologize for, and just yesterday, made this comment to a roving reporter: “I don’t look at the criticism. I just move through life doing what I do. I do it with the best of intentions, the intention to be a force that’s good and right and inspirational. And if people don’t like it that’s OK because I’m always having the best and the good in mind, so that’s OK.”

So how did you feel about the interview? Do you feel that Oprah’s intentions were sincere, or that she just was out to get ratings which, let’s be honest, was a major (if not the main) motivation?

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Leo the Yardie Chick

People giving Oprah grief about this need to recognize one key thing – the family. If the family did not want to be interviewed by her or anyone else at that time, there would have been no interview. Period. Whatever her intentions were, the grieving family had the right to accept or refuse to be interviewed, and they agreed to go along with it. Full stop.

Show me where Oprah had thugs hold guns to their heads to gain their permission, and I will change my tune.


Some of ya'll (including the homophobic one) need to read some of SonOfBaldwin's writings on his blog before you grossly mis-label him a hater of BW, or any race of women.

Anyway, I agree the timing of this interview just seems so early. But if the family was happy with it, c'est la vie.


Oprah is a powerful black women in a racist country, who also is at the top of her game as a world renowned journalist to whom most within her circles would be honored to be interviewed by her. So what do you actually think critics would praise her? Of course not. Doesn't matter she got the interview and the ratings. Get over it.


I was glad that OPRAH did the interview she asked the right questions and in a sincere and caring way. If the family was not ready they would not have done it. I think that Oprah would have been the only person they would have given the interview to anyway be it 1 month or 6 months. Great job OPRAH and I KNOW YOU KNOW HOW TO HOLD YOUR HEAD UP HIGH.


I don't know about appropriate or ratings, but it was awkward and cringe-worthy


I guess SonofBaldwin does have an issue since everyone else thought it is okay and a privilege to talk about your famous dead mother to the most famous mother since Theresa. I dont have a problem with none of the PORN on tv. Ultimately societies get what they deserve. Common decency has never been the moré we thought it was. Doesn't she beef with people when they refuse her. JHud ran a foul of her for a second.


My bad. I forgot. Bow down to Oprah because rags to riches stories trump interrogation. Sorry, fam. I forgot I was in a comments section on the Internet in a country where celebrity = above reproach.


Bobbi, Gary and Pat could have refused to do it, just like Mother Houston, God bless her. The criticism, if any, should be put on them for agreeing, not on The O for asking. The only issue I had with the interview with Bobbi K is that they stood up the whole time!


I liked the interview. I can't think of anyone else that I would have wanted to interview the family.

I don't get why so many people are putting the onus on Oprah and making her look evil. First of all, if it wasn't going to be Oprah doing the interview, it would have been someone else. Second of all, its the business. Of course Oprah knew that the interview would get her the sky high ratings she desperately needs. But OWN needs way more than ONE interview to make the network a success.

Also, if Bobbi Kristina and the rest of the family were not comfortable with doing the interview, they wouldn't have done it in the first place. All they had to say was "no" and Oprah wouldn't have done it.

I think that Oprah's intentions were both sincere and a business move, but I'm not going to act like she is a heartless person for doing it either.

It looks like people have a bone to pick with Oprah and are using this as an excuse.


I think Oprah provided a safe space for them to discuss Whitney and their pain. Oprah has her own history of substance abuse and as a black woman, connects with Whitney's situation in that way probably more than some others (I'm sure it's why even Whitney felt comfortable talking to Oprah during that big interview a few years ago). Unlike all the other interviewers (i.e. Diane Sawyer), Whitney nor Bobbi Kristina and the family would have to worry about Oprah badgering them or trying to embarrass them. Something about Oprah brings out the humanity of a person (I didn't even care for Tyler Perry until he appeared on the Oprah show). Let's just be honest: Oprah's a much more personable and respectful interviewer than many others out there, and as such the family chose to interview with her. It was their choice, and I think they did right by doing the interview and sharing their side of the story. I just want Bobby Brown to do an interview with Oprah eventually.


"…the intention to be a force that's good and right and inspirational." That to me does not sound like a person who is ignoring IMPACT. Her actions are impregnated with purpose… how others choose to interpret her actions and how others choose to react is beyond her control.


Why is it that b4 OWN Oprah was the Angel of everyday and could only do good deeds, and now she viscous, selfish and unkind? ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE! This was an opportunity for this family to SHARE with world the FAMILY'S TRUETH surrounding Whitney's life and death without being badgered by the interviewer. They feel safe with Oprah! As they should. Keep moving Oprah toward whatever fulfills you spirit.


I'll give Oprah the benefit of anyone's doubt here. She provided a platform, which Bobbi Kristina, like her grandmother, could have turned down or said she was not ready for. Bobbi Kristina chose to do the interview. Oprah is right to focus on intent. And it's clear good intentions aren't always well-received or seen as such.


I can't believe the arrogance of that response. So all that matters is INTENT? What about IMPACT? She gets to ignore IMPACT because her INTENT is noble?

How very convenient.

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