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OWN To Lay Off 1/5th Of Its Staff

OWN To Lay Off 1/5th Of Its Staff

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. It ain’t easy to start a televison network. It’s painful, difficult, expensive and very bloody. The survival rate is thin and there are a lot of bodies left in its wake after all is said and done.

So with that OWN has announced that it will be laying up 1/5th of its total staff, up to 30 people, and restructuring its operations in New York and L.A.

In an official statement Oprah Winfrey said that the decision to let the employees go was a “tough” one, but that the “economics of starting up a cable netwrok did not fit OWN’s cost structure”.

She further said that: “as CEO I have a responsibility to chart the course for the long-term success for the network. To wholly achieve that long term success, this was the neccessary next step.”

What positions were cut were not announced, but that the responsibilities of the laid off workers would be distibuted among the employees who will remain at OWN.

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Meanwhile Larry King just announced a deal where he has invested and is going to host a new talk show on Carlos Slim's soon to be launched online TV network. In what inverted universe are we living in where Larry King seems to be embracing the future and Oprah looks behind the times? This should've been Oprah partnering with Carlos Slim to try to change the face of television instead of relying on an a medium (cable) which is arguably losing subscribers (especially ones under the age of 40). Having said all this…
Hopefully, Ms. O will some how manage to turn this around.


I really wish she was open to show suggestions from her long-time viewers. I love O, but whoever is behind the current programming on OWN should be the first layoff. I can count on two fingers the shows I watch on a regular basis….really, one. Most of the shows on there do not seem in line with what we were used to seeing on her talk show. I have a couple of show ideas that I think would be great. Even though there's not much on the network that is worth me investing my time to watch, I'm still pulling for her.


Oprah's the blueprint! So Sergio, I appreciate the updates. Thank you.

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Sergio is like S&A's Oprah watch person. "Oprah ate lunch today." Sergio reports it. "Oprah woke up this morning." Count on Sergio to write about it on S&A. LOL SMH

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