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Ozwald Boateng Doc “A Man’s Story” Gets A Theatrical Release Trailer Ahead Of 3/9 UK Premiere

Ozwald Boateng Doc "A Man's Story" Gets A Theatrical Release Trailer Ahead Of 3/9 UK Premiere

As already announced 2 months ago, A Man’s Story, the Ozwald Boateng documentary, will finally open in UK theaters on March 9th, which would be almost immediately followed by a DVD/Blu-ray release (also just in the UK) 10 days later, on March 19th, rather soon after its theatrical debut.

It’s been confirmed that the UK DVD/Blu-ray release will contain a 34-minute documentary about Boateng’s record-breaking show at the Odeon Leicester Square last year.

But still no announcement of a USA release. I don’t believe it even has an American distributor yet.

Although the team behind the film says that they expect a stateside opening in New York City sometime during the first quarter of this year – so anytime between now and the end of this mpnth. Let’s hope so… I haven’t seen it yet, but Sergio has, and he gave it a thumbs up!

The marketing team also previously promised that a *proper* theatrical release trailer would be coming as well, to replace the 4 1/2-minute preview that’s been circulating since we first profiled the film about a year ago.

I’ve embedded that new official trailer below (I’m looking forward to finally seeing this):

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No suprise to see Mr B with a white women………………….do they go hand in hand sucssesful black man…………………….non black partner He has done well don't get me wrong!! but just for a change it would of been nice to see he has a black women as his partner.


This guy is one of thebst designers ever and yet becuase he is a dark skin Brit he gets no love in the US,. He has been trying for years to get his stuff produced in the US. Macy's gave him a debut for like 6 months and then wrote him off s unsellable, yet Tommy Hilfiger's gear lay dormant for years before Macy's pushed Marhall's and TJ Maxx to take there inventory off their hands and The Brand Nubians and Grand Puba rockin' the gear in their videos got him back on the map yet he never thanks the Hip Hop community for revitalizing his early whack career! O Boateng deserves better than he's gotten over here!


I remember a few years ago he had a docu-drama (i.e. reality show) on the Sundance Channel and it was pretty intriguing then and this looks even more so. Hope it makes its way to the U.S. even if its straight to video.


This documentary is killing me… I MUST see it now.

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