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Project of the Day: Brooklyn’s Flexing Culture in ‘Flex is Kings’

Project of the Day: Brooklyn's Flexing Culture in 'Flex is Kings'

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“Flex is Kings”

Tweetable Logline:

A documentary about the hopes and realities of the under-acknowledged and totally unfunded group of Brooklyn dancers behind “Flexing.”
Elevator Pitch:
Flex is Kings is a documentary about street dance set in East New York, a highly impoverished community in Brooklyn. Despite the high crime rates, a large and growing group of young men are resisting gang life to pioneer a form of narrative dance that tells the story of their streets. Their self organized dance battle competitions involve mock gun battles as well as dream-inspired flights of fancy. The film–shot over 2 years and over 300 hours of footage–tells the story of this art form—called “Flexing”– and focuses on some of its key personalities.
Production Team:
Director/Producer/Cinematographer: Deidre Schoo
Director/Producer/Cinematographer: Michael Beach Nichols
Editor: Christopher Kyle Walker
Additional Cinematography: Ryan Hancock
About the Project:
“While on an unrelated journalistic assignment in August 2008, I witnessed Saalim Randolph dancing at St. Nick’s Pub in Harlem. The dance I saw seemed fundamentally unique. I approached Saalim and found that his street name was Storyboard Professor and he was a celebrity among a vibrant, tight-knit community located in the poorer sections of Brooklyn. Storyboard offered to show me East New York and the variety of styles “flexing” comprises. I began to spend time shooting stills of the dance community and eventually teamed up with Mike and we began shooting live action.” — Deidre Schoo
Current Status:
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Bodypoet (kazuma glen)

All my support for the culture that inspired me so much, and that I am a part of.

Patricia McLean

I'm voting for Flex is Kings.


i vote for flex kings


Best of the best


I would love to see Flex is Kings. My vote definitely goes to this one.

James Lester

Unique, relevant, deep. My unequivocal vote goes to Flex is Kings.


Flex is King- Needs to be seen. Here you have a bunch of street artists with "pretty much nothing left in life", but the bodies they were born into this world with. Using there bodies as instruments to save there lives in a society with no support structure. Where you still can get your life taken away, taking a short cut home, from buying a snack.

Pha'nom Samuel

"Flex is King" Is so necessary i am Defiantly seeing "Rize" potential on this documentary!! if you guy's help to make it a success theirs a good chance it can end up in theaters #I'M JUS SAYING !
But Flex is King More than Deserve to win!!

Isabel Suárez

Flex is king is the best one and deserves to win!

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