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Project of the Day: Feature Film Looks to Tackle ‘Sex After Kids’

Project of the Day: Feature Film Looks to Tackle 'Sex After Kids'

Here’s your daily dose of an indie film in progress; at the end of the week, you’ll have the chance to vote for your favorite.

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Sex After Kids

Tweetable Logline:

An comedy about what happens when you’re too tired, uninterested, or annoyed to seduce the person you love, loathe, or haven’t even met yet.

Elevator Pitch:

It’s the film that every single parent in the world is going to want to see. It’s edgy, poignant and hilarious and through it’s ensemble nature covers a vast amount of relationships from the single mom, the same-sex couple, the newlyweds who have lost their grove, a power-couple who aren’t attracted to each other anymore, and a retired couple who are setting their last child off into the word and trying to see if they should stay together. It literally has something for everyone. And it’s cast is some of Canada’s hottest talent both old and new

Production Team:

Director: Jeremy LaLonde (“The Untitled Work of Paul Shepard”)
Producer: Jennifer Liao
Cinematographer: Zach Melnick (“The Untitled Work of Paul Shepard,” “The Ontario Visual Heritage Project”)

About the Production:

I was looking for a project to do that was small in scope yet big in idea. Being the father of two small children I was amazed that no one had really tackled this subject with any real gusto. I have connections to some of Toronto’s top crew and acting talent so I attached a really solid team that is as excited about the story as I was. It’s a passion project and doing it through IndieGoGo keeps it artist created and owned. We’ll make the film that we want to make, for the audience that can’t wait for it!

Current Status:

Fundraising, Pre-Production.

For more information and the support this project:

Official page

IndieGoGo page

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I voted for Sex after Kids. I loved the movie and I loved the actors/actresses, especially Zoie Palmer. She is a very good actress and hope that the cast and crew win the project of the day because it really was a good movie and they worked really hard.


Can't wait to see this movie!

Ernestine Henry

Sex after kids, I vote for the beautiful and talent Zoie Palmer who has been very versatille all throughout her career and who always puts her best foot foreward no matter what the project is and despite being hugely under rated she keeps on going as seen in sex after kids and her entire cast.


Sex after kids- yes please go zoie palmer!!! Most wonderful, beautiful actress that is hugely under-rated! Keep up the great work zoie and the sex after kids cast.


Can't wait to see this… it's so true!
Thanks Kris Holden Ried for recommending it!

LK Gott

I can't wait for this flick! This is such real issue in a parent's life. And by the looks of things, looks to be done with humor and grit. The truly best way to shine a light on the trials and tribulations of trying not to lose your sexual or even individual self when caught up in the role of parent. The talent behind and in front of the camera in this project got it, get it, and know the craft of bringing it forward to the masses! Me likes! Now, I have to get back to the laundry, finish my posting to meet my deadline, finish my wine, pick up two floors of toys, avoid breaking my neck, start new bottle of wine, avoid fleeting thoughts that my washing machine could suffice as a substitute for actually having to put forth the monumental energy & effort into actually having sex with a real (albeit unimaginative due to also being overly stressed) person, more wine, wondering what the hell I have gotten myself into, fold laundry, check my child to make sure still is breathing while sleeping, and hopefully pass out before all hopes of semi worthwhile sleep has passed me by- oh and realizing just a flash of second before I drift off that wise arse demanding completely amazing & overwhelmingly inspiring individual I spawned makes it ALL WORTH IT! LOL! But then, that could just be the wine. Make this film happen ASAP! Please! Excited! Also it might just me & what's his face something to bond over without the effort of sex! I swear Normandy was easier for the yanks back ages ago!LOL!:))) that is all!

cole lewis

i do have kids. please instruct me.

Kelly Reiterman

I don't even have kids and I can't wait to see this movie. (That says a lot.)

Mike Fisher

sure i would like to watch it. it would be funny to watch all those different perspectives and it would be a learning tool also.


I'm eagerly waiting for this film to be made, it sounds funny and it's fresh!

Lisa Berry

This film was something I truly wanted to help fund. Jeremy works hard, and has provided me with some valuable lessons and 'direction'. Being given the opportunity to learn from him, as well as Ennis, I had no reservation about contributing to helping this film to be made. The concept is in itself fun and relatable. The cast is amazing. This Film WILL be at Sundance. Thank you Jeremy!


SO excited!! Movie sounds hilarious and relateable and an amazing writer and film crew. Can`t wait til release!


It's wonderful to be able to financially contribute to this project. Here's hoping you can find a festival in Melbourne for it. A bunch of very funny people you've got there. And thanks Jeremy for sharing the movie making experience with us.

Rev.Angelique Potter

This movie is bound to be a hit.It is catering to the group of GenX who are now having children.Hysterical and yet serious,non pretentious this film should be shown at Sundace Film Festival or any festival that can push an Indie film higher.I am sure it would get great votes.


This is something I would definitely want to see and share with others. I think it would be fun to watch and that all different people would be interested to watch. Can't wait to see it :]


Kids and anything to do with them is new territory for me, but it looks so hilarious just from the teasers it is on my "must see" list!!

Su Wood

I've seen the teasers and am familiar with the work of many of the actors involved. This movie looks to be a sure fire hit! I can't wait to see it!


Looking forward to being thoroughly entertained, yet again (Untitled Works of Paul Sheppard), by this talented writer/director/editor!


Amazing-sounding project! Hugely talented group of people put together for this one. Can't wait to see it!

Sue Maynard

I absolutely can not wait for this movie! It's got a wonderful and amazing cast, an incredibly talented writer/director, and so many opportunities for hilarity and /or heartfelt moments that you can't really go wrong! Did I mention I can't wait? I've even been a donating fool just to help move it along a little faster! ;)

Rana Debaissi

If there is a film to see, its this one, Amazing Script, Outstanding Cast!

Steven H.

Who wouldn't want to see this? Suggestion to distributors: Schedule lots of afternoon showings so parents can go home and "discuss" the film later.


Can't argue with this cast – it's stellar. And the last feature by this director was outstanding, so I can't wait to see the next one!


Jeremy Lalonde is a name that everyone in america will begin to hear more and more about as this film progresses. A topic that a wide audience can relate to, his approach on the topic "sex after kids" im sure will leave viewers laughing and full of heart felt emotion.

Ivett Sensor

Awesome cast, fantastic script! If you want to see a good movie and have a good laugh this will be the one! Can't wait to see it finished!!!


Hey, that baby in the poster looks familiar. Hmmm…
Great project idea! I think you've hit on something big that so many people can relate to. Can't wait to see the completed film. Woo hoo!!

Laurel Bowman

I've said it time and time again, and I will gladly say it a few times more. This movie is going to be a must see, and I am super excited to see the completed works!

Katherine Yates

Great comedy with an awesome cast. We are well on our way with crowd funding.


This movie is going to be fantastic!

maria del campo

If the teaser videos are any indication, this film is going to be hilarious. I don't think it matters if you have kids or not. I think it will have something that everyone can relate to. I, for one, can't wait to see it!


Can't wait. The writing and the ensemble cast are gonna be epic! Counting down the days till production (hopefully) starts!

Jeremy LaLonde

Somehow the filmmakers missed that they got selected… so I think we missed the vote for project of the week :( Let's show how much love there is for this film and see if we can't get a second shot at it!!!

Logan Ryan

This is exactly the film I would see. Its already my life. Why not see it dramatized?

Timothy D Rideout

I love this writer director, and have had the opportunity to chat with him on a number of occasions, and in regards to this project, he has an amazing cast and a great script! This film will not only be made, it will totally rock the film festivals, mark my word.

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