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Project X—movie review

Project X—movie review

So, is this merely an extreme teenage version of The Hangover, or is it another sign of the end of civilization as we know it? How you feel about Project X will have a lot to do with your age and gender. If I were a hormonally charged 16-year-old boy, I might think it was the greatest movie ever made, a wish-fulfillment comedy featuring lots of good-looking naked girls.

As a parent, I have quite another view: it’s a horror movie!  Using the template of The Hangover (made by Todd Phillips, who produced this film), a self-appointed cool dude decides to throw his shy pal a 17th birthday party he’ll never forget, while his parents are away for the weekend. To say that it goes out of control is a mild understatement.

I know Project X is not meant to be taken literally, or even seriously. It’s a 2012 revision of Risky Business crossed with Animal House, only much more crude, as befits the current trend in comedy. What sets the film apart is its willingness to gleefully cross every line on the road to total anarchy. (The only copout is the old-fashioned ending involving the hero and his girlfriend.)

If I were an adolescent girl this movie would make me want to move to another continent rather than suffer the foul-mouthed, condescending outlook of the “typical” high-school boys depicted here.

But my biggest complaint about Project X is that it isn’t true to its own premise. The picture is supposedly a video diary taken by a hanger-on who follows the three central characters around during the planning and execution of this party-to-end-all-parties…except when director Nima Nourizadeh decides that the concept is inconvenient and cuts to shots from other points of view. (An opening title card explains that some of the footage comes from law enforcement and other sources. Nice try.)

In any case, this movie wasn’t intended for me. Come to think of it, I should be grateful for that.

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Ben Robin

This movie has no redeeming features, both brainless and soulless with absolutely no point whatsoever. When you look the far superior movies which tackle somewhat similar subject matters for other generations, (24 Hour Party People, Human Traffic etc) it is tempting to start pondering the impending collapse of Western civilization as it entropies into a nihilistic spiritual void. But some of the girls are fit right!? ….


U guys r a bunch of losers espeacialy brian wtf its just a movie and its mean look at the funny side of it (and the boobies) so shut up and appreciate the movie.


(Sorry for the bad english, but english is my third language) Im 26 and I have had my share of "wild years", however i felt so shoked after watching Project X. According whit me, this movie is promoting; self-centered behavior, a mindless -and materialistic lifestyle, that requires enough money to get away whit beeing a complete asshole, and finally it teaches us that "good looks" is more important than both depth and interlect.. yes, i felt like i was watching "the end of civilisation".


i just didnt like the animal abuse part, i really didnt like the movie.


Brian is a fucking DOUCHBAG…..half of his comments fills the page GO FUCK OFF


Alllllll of you can just shut up!!!!!! The movie was awesome! We have a life! It will not kill you to just have one care-free day! Sometimes living and having fun will require you not think of the consequences and outcome! The movie ROCKED!!!! Have some fun and stop thinking so deeply on it!


its OK but the only reason all these other people hate against it is that they've never been invited to parties like this in their life so i recommend just watching it on a dvd rather than spending all your money in a theater


I just went to the movies with my friend to see project x. We are both teens and left half way through. I can't believe my generation really finds the things in this film to be even remotely funny. I know it is ment to be funny and not taken seriously but it was just a bunch of ridiculous situations. A huge waste of time and money.


Its easy to express dismay about the future when you look at whatever generation is in their teens. For once, I'd pick a more challenging, fairer target if you really want to emphasize a generational divide. That being said, this movie is not for me, either.


First of all, it should be obvious that this party trumps all high school and college parties that have existed; it's hardly realistic. I'm a college student and i speak for myself and all my friends when i say this is the ultimate dream party that we wish we could be a part of. However, just because people take part in parties like these doesn't mean people are "devolving" I'm at college to become an engineer but i want to be able to look back on my college years and say i lived it to the fullest.

Anyways, this movie is pure entertainment(even if its to just my demographic). I could care less about the quality of filming or the like ability of the characters, it was fun as hell to watch!


If this movie is truly indicative of the way today's teenagers are, then there is no hope for the future of this country. Disgusting doesn't begin to describe it. The whole lot of them deserves to be tear-gassed.

Jack Offo

Just been an seen the film, from my point of vue is was amazing , showed what does happen in party's but not to the extent where the street is full of people and the street getting destroyed , I have had party's where the street was full of people , they where in my pool jacuzzi house bed rooms everything . But this film is just genius I want to have a party like that and I will


Well, cerebal is an interesting word to use with a film that guides a tangent line along the mind and keeps on going…You really have to wonder about the "evolution" process… Darwin got it wrong…Appreantly some people are devolving…That is scary…That might make a good film, where is S. King when you need him…


Movies like this give me a misanthropic headache for being a member of the human race. These people have absolutely no sense of life. Everything they do is geared toward pretense and affectation. Where are the Ingmar Bergmans and Stanley Kubricks who delved into cerebral, existential explorations? Why is everything a repugnant simulation of life. Time to Soylent Green these morons.


And the prosecution rests.


I hate these tasteless excuses for coming of age comedies. There is no cleverness or understatement any more…just as much crudeness as can be crammed into the film. It doesn't take much talent to put one of these on screen. Great comedies have gone the way of the dinosaur.


Well, if the illiterate posters that seem to manipulate a keyboard as well as a lobotomized pig are any indication of the targeted demographic, I think I'll pass.


I am furious over this movie. It is irresponsible, inappropriate and only adds to the problem of underage drinking and parent incarceration for parties that occur under zero adult supervision. Don't leave your Holden at home by themselves ever!!!!

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