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Queen Latifah, Alfre Woodard, Phylicia Rashad, Jill Scott, Adepero Oduye, Condola Rashad Set For “Steel Magnolias” Remake

Queen Latifah, Alfre Woodard, Phylicia Rashad, Jill Scott, Adepero Oduye, Condola Rashad Set For "Steel Magnolias" Remake

First announced back in October 2011, a remake of the 1989 tear jerker drama set in Louisiana, Steel Magnolias, with an all-African American cast, was in development.

Fast-forward to almost 5 months later, and we have our official cast for the project, announced earlier today:

Queen Latifah (she’ll also executive produce) as M’Lynn, Alfre Woodard as Ouiser, Phylicia Rashad as Clairee, Jill Scott as Truvy, Adepero Oduye as Annelle and Rashad’s daughter, Condola Rashad as Shelby. 

If you recall, the original Steel Magnolias starred Sally FieldDolly PartonShirley MacLaine,Darryl HannahOlympia Dukakis, and Julia Roberts.

This all-black reincarnation for Lifetime is set to be directed by Kenny Leon (ABC‘s A Raisin in The Sun, Broadways’ Fences and The Mountaintop), and will be adapted from the 1989 film screenplay by Sally Robinson, to be produced by Craig ZadanNeil Meron and Sony Pictures TV.

Supporting each other through their triumphs and tragedies, they congregate at Truvy’s beauty shop to ponder the mysteries of life and death, husbands and children — and hair and nails — all the important topics that bring women together.

Production begins next month in Atlanta for a premiere later this year.

The caliber of talent associated with this film is astounding and falls in line with our strategy to make Lifetime a first stop for the industry’s best both in front of and behind the camera… Queen Latifah, Phylicia, Alfre, Jill, Adepero and Condola are some of the most celebrated women in music, film, television and stage — and we could not be more thrilled and honored for them to bring Robert Harling’s poignant story about the strength of women to a whole new generation.,” ” said Lifetime’s president and general manager Nancy Dubuc

One person in this group I’m most happiest for is Adepero (photo above), fresh off her acclaimed performance in Dee Rees’ Pariah. I guess this will be her next!

Are you looking forward to this? Whether yes or no, what’re your reasons?

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pat babbs

I would love to go and see this movie cant wait to see what these actress will bring to the screen!!!!!


Great Cast. Unnecessary remake.


Rumor has it there's an all white cast remake of the COLOR PURPLE!! Can't wait.


Rumor has it there's an all white cast remake of the COLOR PURPLE!! Can't wait.


@ Nadine, hello… hello is Debbie Downer there? It's me, Alfred Affirmation. I got your number from a friend over @ S & A. I just wanted to tell you that I understand and share your frustration, so I brought along a friend. That's right, I stopped by the Apolo Theater and picked up the Sandman. He's not that Mack Truck you referred to but he has that loooong cane. Can you hear him screaming in the background? Wait… I'll turn the phone in his direction… " STEEL MAGNOLIAS?!!! Queen Latifah and WHO are doing WHAT… STEEL MAGNOLIAS??!!! Kiss my black ass… NO THEY AIN'T? Somebody tell me I've fallen in a rabbit hole because this can't be true!!! Where is my black cane… I'm snatchin' them B&(%es off the freakin' stage" . Well Debbie Downer, as you can see we're pretty pissed about this. How in the world can black folks cry about separating themselves from the clutches of Hollywood and then turn right around and remake STEEL MAGNOLIAS with an African American cast? STEEL MAGNOLIAS…??? the quintessential crying white chicks movie of all time??!! Well Debbie Downer, we have to go now. We're off to order a few more canes for all the sistahs who are cheering this fiasco, instead of jeering and leering at this Royal F&*&$#.




I like the cast, but like others, would have looked forward to an original story.

Nina Domingue

As a black actress, seeing this many fierce black actresses on film together is always a reason to celebrate, and honestly given the chance, I'd be running to that set, I can't lie. But I wonder why other works like "Flyin' West" by Pearl Cleague, a story with similar themes, which also started as a play, are not considered by screen writers. Why do we always reincarnate Caucasian works (which were done very well, because they were culturally specific), to "legitimize" Afro-diasporic talent?

Geneva Girl

I hope that the remake will be closer to the original stage play which was funnier and *itchier. I preferred the play to the movie which I found to be heartwarming versus sassy.

I agree with a reader below that we should produce works from our literature. I do like that this will be on television. Perhaps if these types of telemovies get terrific ratings, it will convince Hollywood to make feature films to reach this audience as well.


Dammit! Why do I have to be the DEBBIE DOWNER!!! There isn't exactly a shortage of literary material for Black ensemble style movies that could feature Black women. Wasn't there that "Bee" movie, too? Why mess, honestly, with perfection. Steel Magnolias was soooo good, why remake it?!?!?!?!?? Have mercy. Should Hollywood remake the Color Purple with an all-White cast? I don't UNDER-STAND. Steel Magnolias… These sisters are setting themselves up to fail (a la the remake of Pollyanna), not to mention there is a separatist-like message in remaking a movie that, yes, featured White women, but was clearly not a movie of exclusion and was universal in its appeal for all women (I'm no opponent of separate viable film industries). This is like going on to American Idol and singing Michael or Whitney…you'll NEVER achieve their greatness. There are sooo many CLASSICS, in literature, worthy to be remade per generation that Black filmmakers have yet to touch even once (except for, of course, The Taming of the Shrew – surprise, surprise). It's like watching your child (Black women) run into the streets to try to get a ball (acceptance) while a mack truck (expectations) comes ROARING down the road. I'm shaking in my boots.


Wow this sounds amazing! Finally a great role for Queen Latifah to show her incredibly talent and range as an actress! She really hasn't had one since her SAG/Golden Globe/Emmy winning performance in "Life Support". She should really do more dramatic work because she's terrific! She's doing so well and slamming Halle "has been" Hellberry into the ground. She is the ONLY black a list movie star left.

Traci R.

OMG! This is the best idea EVER!!! I'm SPEECHLESS. I LOVE the original film so much! Latifah has some MAJOR shoes to fill though in the role originally played by Sally Field (the scene at the cemetery where she breaks down is one of the best performances of American film). I think the idea of Alfre Woodward as Ouiser is an EXCELLENT choice. I would have preferred Phylicia as M'Lynn though…but whatever. I will be ANXIOUSLY awaiting this to premiere. :D


I feel the cast is strong enough for it to have been a feature film for theatrical. It would be nice if has to be on TV that it would have been on SHOWTIME which is not color fearful the way HBO is right now!


Yes…yes insomuch that these actresses are quality actresses and I know they'll deliver good-to-great performances. Kinda like those ladies in that film…er…what was it called? "The Women of Brewster Place". *smile* I hate the Lifetime channel, though. Superfluous info. I know, but… Still, good to see a great cast assembled in what hopefully will be a worthy adaptation…


I do not like the idea of a remake perse, because I feel as though we can have our own stories, new stories, but I WILL BE SUPPORTING THE HELL OUT OF THIS. I LOVE ADEPERO! She is amazing! Amazing! Amazing!


This cast is everything. Yes!!

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