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Sarah Palin vs. Julianne Moore: A Scene by Scene Comparison

Sarah Palin vs. Julianne Moore: A Scene by Scene Comparison

I was eagerly awaiting someone to take this to viral video task, and now here indeed is an extensive scene by scene comparison of Julianne Moore as Sarah Palin in "Game Change," and Palin herself.  It makes clear how masterful Moore's depiction was — which I thought fell far from simply impersonation (even if the film that surrounded the performance was somewhat less admirable).

Take a look, though perhaps wait until after you've seen "Game Change" if you'd like it all in one context — even if you've seen it all before anyway:

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kevin osteen

McCain forgot when he ran he didnt have running mate.The country is ready for a female vice president,but not just any woman.McCain wanted someone to garnish the female vote then shut up,look pretty and get pulled out from time to time for photo ops.They opted for awhile to hide her when they realized she was over her head and not qualified.the thought that something could happen to him making her commander in chief is frightening.Its this old world tactics coupled with the fact that people dont want to return to the 60s that will cost the gop the election

Corey Mondello

The saddest part is, I do not think there has ever been a time in the history of the United States of America, that someone like Sarah Palin has been honored with the opportunity to become the Vice President. Not only that but, I also believe there has never been anyone as inappropriate as Sarah Palin, who would think, or others would think, would do anything good for the USA, the American People or the World. Unless of course you include GW Bush, who didn't even want to do the job of President for no other reason than to try to out-man his father, like all predictable stories written about the relationship between father and son, throughout mankind's history. There are so many people that still believe Sarah Palin is not the cruel, lying, megalomaniac political character that she is. The shame is, it is people like Sarah Palin and Hitler that will be remembered more than someone who actually did good for the world.

Brandt Hardin

Everything about this woman is already fictitiously scripted. Every word that comes from her mouth is bought and paid for. I don’t know if HBO can Sell Sarah better than she sells herself. She’s cut-throat when it comes to her money and you can see just how scandalous she’ll get for the cash with The Ecstasy of Sarah Palin at Watch the cash rain down as she teases the public and bats her eyelashes for the green.


No this is not masterful. She doesn't even come close. Almost as bad as her work on 30 Rock. She's such an overrated actress!

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