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Season Finale Of “The Walking Dead” Directed by Ernest Dickerson Breaks Ratings Record

Season Finale Of "The Walking Dead" Directed by Ernest Dickerson Breaks Ratings Record

Sunday night’s season two finale of the AMC network’s zombie/horror/drama series The Walking Dead broke all ratings records, becoming not only the most watched episode in the history of the series, but also currently the highest rated drama on basic cable, according to the Nielsen Company.

Directed by Ernest Dickerson (who has previously directed several episodes of Dead) the final episode, which I thought contained some of the best work Dickerson has done as a director, pulled in 9 million viewers and drew in 50% more viewers than last year’s season one final episode.

I wouldn’t be surprised… actually I make that, I expect…  for Dickerson to use his well earned clout to become one of the executive producers for the show next season.

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Those zombies in chains were not both black men. I mad gifs of that scene and I can tell you that they weren't. Also, recently Michonne's background was published in Playboy magazine. In that feature it is explained who the zombies in chains were and why she was traveling with them. In short, one was her boyfriend (the black guy) and one was her boyfriend's best friend (the white guy).


You know it's funny I see how many of you are talking about race and the lack of minority characters or minority characters with dimension and so forth. I'm a big fan of the show and I don't have any gripes about the characters of color in this show except yes it would be nice to see more dimension of T's character and some back story of him. One thing this show has been concentrating on and is universal is the need to survive in a world that you knew that has totally turned to something alien and deadly. I think this show has universal appeal in that way because if you are engrossed in the storyline you are not thinking about black this or white this, I'm thinking more of "man this seems too realistic and wonder how in the hell would I survive something like this if it was to happen."
That's the beauty of a very great story line and great writers, etc. You forget all that other noise and be too involved on what's going on in front of your eyes that you feel as though you could be there or in that situation. As for the black zombies in chains….I see them for what they are depicting…..zombies in chains. I don't even see them as human because guess what….they no longer are. I don't even draw any references to them being black people in chain and slavery and all that comes with that. I see them as zombies that in any instant could bite me, devour me alive, and make me into one of them after I experience a really horrible death.
So far this series has not crossed the line negatively as far as race, not even with the Latinos in the city trying to survive in the elderly home, because as you've seen they were only trying to survive and were doing some good.
Maybe that's the point of this series. The world in the story has changed and is no longer the same. It's a new world with a new set of rules. It's about whether or not this change is going to destroy your humanity or preserve it while you are in full blown survival mode.


Let me just say I'm glad Ernest Dickerson is getting steady work. This man is surviving in Hollywood in an somewhat enviable way. I'm not crazy about all of the movies he's worked on but he's been steadily hanging in there since the 80's and has done a lot of good work. As far as the race and show are concerned, they haven't done a horrible job. I'm really glad that Glenn is getting decent treatment. The Latinos who ran the hospital weren't treated that bad. MY ONLY GRIPE ABOUT RACE, is the addition of a incompetent character named "T-Dog" that was not in the comic as opposed to the more competent although flawed black male character in the comic, Tyrese. Really? T-Dog? He's such a downgrade and so far has been completely unnecessary. What were they smoking? I do however enjoy the show. I hope Michonne gets decent treatment. They gave her a badass introduction. They had great things to say about the actress who portrays her and so did most of you guys. I am excited!


It's been a huge graphic novel before it became a series if people actually read them you'll find out that there are many other races and characters it's not about what race can last the longest michonne 's character was been created before people started watching .congrats to ernest he knows how to capture the audenice and not killing the suspense .And for race is concern not once have they asked the Asian guy to teach them karate bottom line it's about staying alive race seems to do little when your running half the time.



I agree and the views are indeed sad.

This is the part I can't stand, in that episode, the Latinos were seen, as Gang members, and they played on Racist feelings from the viewer, but in reality those Latinos were running the hospital and helping those who needed help and were just trying to protect the overall situation they created to help the wounded.. The Black man and his son saved Rick and there were other episodes, so I don't understand how the treatment of Black folks were seen as bad. If you tuned into the actual graphic novel you will see why Michonne has those two arm-less Walkers in chains and if you watched any of the past episodes you would understand the reasoning behind it. Sorry this time is no evil White agenda for some Black folk to pin their supreme race bating application on this time

Accidental Visitor

If Dickerson got more clout maybe he can get rid of the token T-Dog who is going nowhere as a character.


I for one am a HUGE fan of the show… When Michonne appeared in the finale, my jaw dropped. However, I was like, "wait, are those Black men? With no arms? And chains around their necks?" Whoa. AMC better have a damn good rationale. But, a little web surfing has indicated that there is more to the story (note: I'm not familiar w/the comic version…) So, we'll see what happens.


Clark Johnson directed for the show as well.

N'jaila Rhee

Still refuse to watch this show for how they treated the characters of color save Glenn.

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