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Spike Lee Pays Wesley Snipes A Visit In Prison; Conversation Includes Collaborating On A Project

Spike Lee Pays Wesley Snipes A Visit In Prison; Conversation Includes Collaborating On A Project

I missed these Spike Lee tweets yesterday… better late than never. Read on…

Yesterday I Went To McKean Federal Correctional Institute in West Hell,Pennsylvania To Spend 2 Great Hours With My Man Wesley Snipes CONT

Mr.Snipes Is In Great Shape,Mentally,Physically& Spiritually.We Laughed& Joked For The Whole 2 Hour Visit. He Said When He Gets Out-It’s On.

I don’t think I need to translate any of that. 

Of course there were lots of replies from his followers; of note, one person asked whether he and Wesley would collab on a project. And Spike replied with, “We talked about it.” And of course, speculation began… what could this collab they talked about be, hmmm?

Heck if I know. For all we know, the conversation could’ve gone something like this:

Wesley: When I get out Spike, you and I gotta do something together mayne.

Spike: No doubt… no doubt.

The End.

Or maybe it was something more specific. We’ll never know.

The pair have worked together before, and were scheduled to work together again at one point. So of course the likelihood of them working together again shouldn’t be a surprise.

Another follower asked Spike whether Wesley is in Jungle Fevershape or Bladeshape. Spike replied saying that he’s in Blade-shape.

And then more speculation continued… hmmm… was that some kind of a hint? Might Spike and Wesley be planning some kind of action/crime/thriller project for when Wesley gets out?

Heck if I know.

What I do know is that Wesley just finished 1 year of a 3 year sentence. Unless he’s let out early, he’s got just about 2 years to go before he’s a free man again. And I’m looking forward to seeing brothaman on the big screen again; let’s hope in some really good projects.

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It is good to see that Wesley Snipes is not forgotten. I would hope that in the future we can all find ways to be more supportive and encouraging to our great actors when they are challenged by controversial circumstances. I can still be entertained by his older movies from years ago, because of the content and skill level at which they are performed. We believe in you Wesley Snipes, and hope you are back in action as soon as possible.


Its ultra bogus Snipes went to prison on some BS but thats how they got Capone. Good to know he's in Blade shape, hopefully he'll come out hard and give us a new Blade movie that kills all this True Blood and Twilight crap. Hell, Id beat someone down in front of their own mammy if he came out and made a Blade movie where he actually kills all the crappy characters from both of those lame franchises!

butter pecan

Hey-let's give credit where credit is due-Wesley is a man who stood up for what he obviously believed in opposed to some BS like drugs, illegal weapons, etc., who are we to judge him? Be real & rally behind him & for him. I'm sure Spike Lees visit wasn't a social call-it was BUSINESS 100%. Glad to hear that Wesley's health is in tack . Can't wait to see . him in BLADE shape in an action-packed blockbuster. Lee collaborating w/Snipes equals nothing but pure genius. Be well Mr. Snipes!!

Tonton Michel

Free Wes!


looking forwards to a collaboration with these two when Wesley gets out too, I think he'll get out in around 6 months somehow, yeah 3 years man, unbelievably too long.

Onaje Asheber

The President give pardons, but to whom? Brother Wesley Snipes as all artist of Afrikan People, should never have to pay taxes to the very white system of exploiters that do harm our people that get away with lying, stealing, brainwashing and yes, murder! It would be nice for Brother Snipes pack and leave the USofA with his Mad Skills to Afrika and help form a long lasting Pan-Afrikan Guild of Acting. But whatever he should be set free like yesterday!

Phillip M.DuRousseau

BTW, I think it is seriously unjust and absolutely bogus that Wesley is imprisoned!!!

Phillip M. DuRousseau

Two of my favorite films, Mo Betta Blues and Jungle Fever!!!

Phillip M. DuRousseau

It will be great seeing Spike Lee and Wesley Snipes together again. They made twi of my favorite films and it can only get greater later. Peace and Blessings to both of them.


Boggling my mind that Wesley has a three-year sentence…


Spike is loyal.


I'm eager for Wesley to come home, and to see him working again. Spike– not so much.

Maria Miller

Thanks for the site


Weasley & Spike… the 2 blackest of black men on the film circuit (although Weasley has been known to tickle and adore the pink toe *snicker*). The 2 of them together have always pumped out some of the best and classic black entertainment of all time. Shiiit, regardless of Spike's current "vacation" nobody will ever do it like Spike. Forget about it! He is the best black director of ALL TIME. I just did a Spike weekend and that man was simply brilliant. I started with Clockers (no reason, I just did). But first, as much as some want to vent on Spike for the most petty sh*t, while watching his movies I couldn't help but notice all the black faces (actors) who went on to have long lasting careers. Many, and most, are still doing the damn thang. Spike knows talent, and I can't help but believe he was very instramental in their developement. And Weasley… that man is smooth, cold and all that. It can never be denied that he IS one of the best black actors on the scene. Btw, I know a little something about "jail". The federal sentencing guidelines are quite different than the state systems. In most case, 85 percent of a prisoners time will be served unless he or she is a total f**kup. Again, they WILL not come out before that minimum time period. But wait, there is something we call "bopping down". That's when an inmate exchanges someones freedom on the street for cutting their own time. That's right, they are released early for becoming a snitch. In the state prison a person can do as little as 30 months on a 10 year sentence. I was facing 25 years but that's another story for another day. Anyway, Wesley has a little time left to serve. But as Tambay said, I'd love to have heard the conversation between Spike and Weasley. Both of them are accustom of having money and control, so it's not like Spike is going to pimp Weasley. Hey, like Tambay, I do have a version of their conversation and I might come back and share it :-). I better check with the blog police or….


Spike and Wesley again? Really? Personally, I'm more than ready to see some new blood.

Monique A. Williams

Great news without really saying much! Let's stay positive about Wesley getting out and getting back to work!

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