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Sylvester Stallone Says He’ll Kill Off Rambo In ‘Rambo 5’ & Will Star In Remake Of Spanish Thriller ‘No Rest For The Wicked’

Sylvester Stallone Says He'll Kill Off Rambo In 'Rambo 5' & Will Star In Remake Of Spanish Thriller 'No Rest For The Wicked'

The “Rambo 5” rumors have been flying around for a while now. Last we heard, writer Sean Hood had said, “[Sylvester Stallone] hasn’t decided if R5 will be an ‘Unforgiven‘ or a ‘passing of the torch.’ ” Well, it looks like he’s made a decision.

In a pretty awesome and candid interview with Macleans (via Arrow In The Head), Stallone first reveals the setting of the movie, which will bring the Vietnam vet back to America. “I’m dying to do another ‘Rambo.’ He’s in Arizona on the border. It will involve him going into Mexico. I don’t think Rambo likes Mexicans,” he said. At any rate, if “Rambo 5” does get made, it will be the last one he stars in. Asked point blank if he’ll kill off the character, Sly says: “Yeah.” Damn. Of course, that’s if this thing gets made, but you can bet if “The Expendables 2” is a hit, producers will be angling to dust off the ’80s action hero for one more kick at the multiplex.

But that’s not all Stallone has cooking up. In addition to “The Tomb” and “Bullet To The Head,” Sly wants to play a baddie and it seems he found the right project for it: “I have one coming up based on a wonderful film that was done in Spain, ‘No Rest For The Wicked.’ It’s hard-core, in the ‘Bad Lieutenant‘ mode. ‘Badder Lieutenant,’ we’re calling it,” he said. While we doubt this means we’ll see him masturbate and show off his dong onscreen, the material seems like a good fit.

The original film, directed by Enrique Urbizu, was nominated for 14 Goyas, winning major awards including Best Film, Best Actor and Best Screenplay. The story centers on a burned out police inspector who commits a triple homicide in a fit of rage and seeks to kill the one witness who could implicate him in the crime. But things take a twist when he uncovers a possible terrorist cell threatening an attack. On paper (or in pixels) it sounds generic, but with all these honors thrown at it, there must be a lot more beneath the surface.

Anyway, click over to Macleans because there is a lot more goodness, including Sly talking about turning down “Jackie Brown” and “Death Proof,” his rivalry with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Richard Gere and more. Pretty good stuff. Watch the trailer for the original “No Rest For The Wicked” below.

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Hi there, Drmusic2010 here and i'm a huge Sly fan. Now this is my little mini rant towards Sly's decision to have 'Rambo' killed off.

Are out of your mind, Stallone? Killing Rambo off like that? The character of John J. Rambo is almost invincible, he can take on anything, he's a one man army and total badass.

He's like Snake Plisskin or Ash Willaims, no matter what scrapes he gets into he ALWAYS survives.

YOU CAN'T JUST HAVE RAMBO GET KILLED OFF WITHOUT ANY REASON TO DO IT. The plot for this fifth Rambo movie is okay but I won't have you killing Rambo like that…he's essentially part of you.

I know you wanted to have Rocky Balboa die in the Rocky V and I know that many people HATED that movie but really? KILLING OFF RAMBO? I'm sorry but this is just beyond stupid.

This is the stupidest decision you've ever done such Stop Or My Mom Will Shoot and I ACTUALLY watched and enjoyed it.

I hope you come to your senses because this is a load of f—–ing bullcrap.

Johnny Rambo

More like the dumbest things he's said in years. Kill off Rambo?! Please Sly. I won't see it of that's the case. I'm happy with the other four movies out there so why kill such an awesome character off?????

Nik Grape

-Asked point blank if he'll kill off the character, Sly says: "Yeah."- that's the smartest thing he's said in years.

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