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‘Terra Nova’ Will Not Get a Second Chance as a Netflix Series

'Terra Nova' Will Not Get a Second Chance as a Netflix Series

Upon canceling “Terra Nova” last month, Fox made it clear that it was shopping the series around to other networks who might be interested in taking a chance on the pricey dinosaur drama. The show did have a devoted fanbase, if not a big enough one for Fox to consider it worth bringing back for a second season.

Naturally, Netflix was soon in talks with 20th Century Fox Television about taking on the show — the online service has been aggressively setting up original series with David Fincher, Jenji Kohan and Eli Roth, but it’s also been looking at popular but canceled properties from other networks. Netflix gave hope to legions of faith-keeping fans holding out for the return of beloved but long-dormant properties by announcing in October that it was bringing back “Arrested Development” for a new 10-episode season. (On his blog, writer Dean Lorey confirmed that the original cast is back.)

But yesterday, Deadline reported that the “Terra Nova” talks with Netflix were over, and that “while 20th TV is not throwing in the towel quite yet as it is not releasing the actors, there is no other viable suitor at this time and the chances of keeping the show alive following Fox’s cancellation earlier this month appear minimal.”

Not great news for “Terra Nova” devotees, and I know you’re out there — I saw that dinosaur mailing campaign — but logistically, a show that expensive and dependent on extensive sets and effects is a risky bet for service that’s in its early days of creating its own content. Found footage horror show “The River,” which Netflix is also eyeing, seems like a more likely fit.

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2o fox you cant take this away from us we beg you to make another season please can you change your mind


    Lets all stop watching ther channels untile they bring back Terra Nova. Remember the people hold the power to bring it back Not Fox


    20 Fox or whoever say not gonna keep making the TV show Terra is a piece of……, the TV show Terranova is pretty good, I feel really upset and with all the people that rate bad the serie and all the people that make dont give the TV show the second opportunity to make the boom!


    Please bring terra nova back…


2o fox we ask you please bring terra nova back it is really good and to be honest this really good wait intill other people whatch it


Save it


Save it


Save it


Bring it let’s have a vote most votes win good luck and think about it,you can make it win win for both of them


i think you should bring it because other like it but they dont know about the website you dont if it will be a hit

Jonathon Leonard

loved the idea of the show, instantly hooked, i would love to see another FEW series

Lokesh chowdary

Come on man..take season 2 waiting for it eargerly..liked it a lot.please release it fast

Adrian Shrubb

It’s not just the show producers that need a poker up there backsides it’s the likes of Netflix that sell you a product then furnish you with 1 season features.
What’s the use. I am afraid someone needs a shake up.
You have NCIS is more states than McDonald’s, do us a favour and get some of this Egotistical Police Garbage off of our Televisions.
It’s either some male macho tosser who in real life would run at the first sign of getting his hair messed up or some frigid butch with " I want to have balls instead of a virginal " trying to force so called Female equality down our Throats.
Terry Nova was a FAMILY program we all could watch.
Why are there so many programs that make good Family Television left to the Corperate No Brains and do not get Finished.
The 4400 was another one that was a Netflix product that left you thinking "have I just wasted all those hours of watching to be shafted at the 11th hour.
Come on producers and providers.

Eric Mengarelli

terra nova needs a second season!!


so much bull this was a great show im actually rewatchign the show now on netflix please give us season 2


I think we should have another season to terra nova it was a great show thrilling and great if u are out there trying to make a season two please do so you can’t just stop a show like that that shows there would be more to it then stop it if u see this Netflix please come out with the second season soon on Netflix love all shows just like it


Plzzz bring it back or let Netflix have


Plzzz love this got my whole family in to it


please save it my family had a show we all liked for once


No please bring back Terra Nova. I what to see what happens next please make season 2 I beg you ��





Joshua Malloy

SAVE TERRA NOVA! this show has massive potential and can and will be something big. were talking one of the most viewed shows on TV and or online networks. All Terra Nova needs is a chance and season 1 grabbed peoples attention, People know of this show and its potential now and all the show needs is a second chance- (A second Season) the show is out there now and it needs to be released to the public in order to thrive.

Joshua Malloy

Save terra Nova! i watched the whole season 1 in two days and it is by far the best show i have ever seen! i was extremely disappointed when i found out that i could not continue watching this show.

John patrick Murray

I would like to see Terra Nova return for a second season its the best and incredible show and I think your crazy to have cancelled the show.




Keep It, Such and awesome show loved it

Angie Hansen

why is it everytime they get a great show out or started, they cancel it for another cop show, another doctor show, another lawyer show, and another stupid thing show.. terra nova was original, it was cool. we have gone to the future shows and in the past shows but this is the only one that caught my eye. it’s like with the 4400, that was a awesome series.. it had real potential to last years.. and they cut it out after the 4th season.. so stupid.. meanwhile we have ghost whisperer, that just stinks.. that girl cries over everything. bring back terra nova.. give the fans what they want.. afte all isn’t it for us you make this crap for? we are what brings you the bucks!!!!


Come on guys this show is like amazing And I’m referring it to friends they love it another season will boom this tv show please please keep it!!!


they always put 1 season of a show on netflix, get you hooked, then never put another season on. its so frustrating!

save it

save it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If 20 fox won’t continue the series just let it go. Like seriously just hand it to Netflix and let them do their job. Terra Nova was a greate series and Netflix has the will to continue it and know what they are doing so for me it’s safe to say they will make it good.


Where is my favorite series at? Season 2 IS coming, we just gotta give Fox hope they’ll be making income, because we all know that’s all they’re concerned about. I mean its true, if they really cared about they’re viewers they would put it back on the air.


Isn’t this why we have things like kick starter? Either a movie or a second season, depending on the funds raised. Come on. We need clever, interesting shows like this. Not 28 versions of real housewives.


Such a good show I can’t believe they stopped it !!!!!


Please put Terra Nova back on this show is amazing and I wanna the rest of the story


Do anything to save it. Please!!!!!!! It’s the best show ever made with a nice family, adventure, action, love, dinosaurs and so many other stuff that everybody likes. I love it!!!!! You had so many people who were watching it, can’t you just an other show that no one’s gonna miss and screen this one. Cause I’m the only one who’s thinking this, some fans are pretty disappointed and mad. Do anything to save this series!!!!


Please just bring this show back. Its the first time I really love a show. Ppl do love it but don’t know what to do to bring it back. There are enough fans if only you’d give it a chance.


I really liked this show was the best out there really sad it is gone they set up the ending of season one for season two just bring it back!!!!


I’m really sad, I just recently learned about Terra Nova and watched the first season!!! Great family season and so sad that it’s gone. I’m actually really bummed.


Another good example of the stiff suits who run the networks not giving a dam about what the public likes or enjoys, it all about the almighty buck. I know it will make no difference to the stiff shirts but this one individual who will keep FOX network off my screen in my home. The show was just great entertainment for an hour, made you forget about bills, problems, the world etc. etc. , so simple, thank you FOX zombies.


Not surprising. Fox gives up on everything too soon. Firefly is another prime example. Dolts.

Francis Scott

This show definitely has potential, unfortunately like NBC's Surface it just did not get enough exposure to justify the expense. I remember Terra Nova's orignal ad campaign as not enticing at all. Star Trek was originally cancelled as well due to lack of interest. When will the Studio's learn.


This show was a stay of something big but unfortunately we will probably never know which sucks . Can we make it at least a there part movie like twilight….


Are you kidding me terra nova was amazing it was one of my favorite shows they can't get rid of it…i will seriously die if some channel doesnt bring it back for a second season!!! PLEASE BRING TERRA NOVA BACK!!!!!! They left it on such a good ending for a season 2…its like the new beginning of the new beginning. If they really put some effort into the show then they could easily get the original amount of viewers. BOO on getting rid of it.


you fools put it back on first eastwick then tower prep or wait kyle xy even blood ties then this


I cant believe they gave up so easily! I personally enjoyed the show more than anything on the same time slot. Hope someone is smart enough to put up the money and bring Terranova back to the loyal fans.


Yeah it's more expensive but at least it is a really good show.. especially compared to the endless list of shitty shows that are on tv now.


I really loved this show, extremely likable characters, and a decent story line. I really want t o see a season 2


Sorry to hear this. I really was enjoying this show…..I thought it was a great idea and storyline.


Enjoyed Terra Nova at first, then it got a bit weak and I gave up before the end, so not sorry it's not coming back, but I am sorry that Arrested Development is coming back, was hoping we'd got rid of that.


Firefly!!! Come on what are you waiting for.. Christmas!?


they should've left this on the tube because it rocked! and because for once, we were seeing cops, lawyers, doctors and/or politicians rule the screen in some damn cloak-and-dagger piece of overdone garbage!…terra nova should've remained…they got about 67 cop shows they can rid us of and another 67 doctor shows!..aarrgghh!

michael hansen

kill it!!!!

Sam shingleton

Save it!!!!


Pro Terra Nova


Fox cancelled Firefly.,,,,I know Terra Nova isn’t in the same league, but you’s have thought Fox would have learned something from their previous boobs


Great family show. There is room for more seasons. This was a captivating show. Loved it. Bring it back!


Please bring back Terra Nova. Watching it now on Netflix…one of my favorite shows. Please!!!!


BRING BACK TERRA NOVA!!! Such a brilliant concept and first season!!! Please Help Netflix!


You need to bring Terrace Nova back I wached all those episodes to be left hanging so not right.

Peggy sue Stasinos

I agree, save Terra Nova!!. So many good shows have been lost. This is such a good show. Years later am still going back to watch. Instead of them remaking all these old shows, put something back on the air that people want to see.

Debra JeanAnania

Bring it on the best is yet to come!!!!


Recently pulled this one up on Netflix and totally fell hook, line and sinker in love with this one. One of my favorites ever. I was gonna go out and see if there were more seasons on DVD. Too my sad surprise, I found this had been cancelled ages ago after it’s first season. With all the garbage on tv and even Netflix, why do great shows like this fall by the wayside? Junk everywhere, great stuff like this, just gone. Kudos to the cast, writers, and everyone involved in Terra Nova. Would have loved to see more.

Emil Franzén

save it

Sarah Desy

Just rewatched Season 1. My family loved this show and was so disapointed when it cancelled. Please Netflix give Season 2 a chance.


Please bring back terra nova!!! This show is amazing i love it so much and there needs to be another season!! Please!!!


I loved this show everytime i came home from school i would kick back and watched it. I was devasted when the show got cancelled I would love to see this show back up and running

Shawn OConnell

Loosing Terra Nova was a shame and I would LOVE to see it get a second chance. It was the sort of show you could feel good about your whole family watching, morals, mistakes, consequences, bio responsibility, family values and leading male characters with ethics. It was what TV should be and there was no lacking for drama. When shows like the Cardashiens and Honey Boo Boo get multiple seasons and a modern sci-fi Little House gets canned you know America is in trouble.


started watching it on netflix, pretty good show why the heck was it cancelled. It’s a much better show that TWD.


Rewatching it for a 3rd time. Why would you ever cancel this show? So many people love it! PLus now this is has been on netflix, many more people know about it. I think it’s a good year to bring it back!

frank boyer

Its a great show. Bring it back

Tammy Scrimgeour

Terra Nova was an awesome show! My whole family loved it! I don’t care who or where I watch it! I just want to watch it! Please bring it back!


I finished the first season in one day and I loved it.. I watched the show on Netflix from the first episode it caught my attention , there is no way their can’t be a second season!! It’s just to good from the first EPISODE!!! Please bring TERRA NOVA BACK

Frank Karan

My girlfriend and I and my children has become very interested in this series I did not realize it was only one season. I was very disappointed when I found out this is all I was going to get to enjoy. If Netflix or any other network can pick this up I will be a devoted follower as I’m sure the friends ve gotten to watch it feel also.

Rebecca mcgrew

This really sucks I like this show. I became very interesting in it and now there will not be a season 2 that sucks. Netflix needs to take season 1 off so people don’t watch it and get disappointed like I did.

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