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The Cult Perform & Improvise Scenes With Rooney Mara For Terrence Malick’s ‘Lawless’ AT SXSW

The Cult Perform & Improvise Scenes With Rooney Mara For Terrence Malick's 'Lawless' AT SXSW

With the dude from Neon Indian popping up in a recent set photo, and Malick having lensed indie-friendly folks like Arcade Fire, Iron & Wine and Fleet Foxes last year during pre-production at Austin City Limits, it seemed like his upcoming “Lawless” was shaping up to be some kind of “The Tree of Life: Pitchfork Edition.” But a fascinating, oddball development makes this movie continue to be a total headscratcher. 

Aging ’80s rockers The Cult revealed that last week at SXSW that not only did Malick film them performing their sold out show at Auditorium Shores, but he also shot backstage footage of the band that included improvised scenes with Rooney Mara. WTF. And oh, it gets better. Not only did Mara also shoot The Cult onstage while they performed, Matthew McConaughey came out and played congas on two songs. We’re not fucking kidding. Photo evidence of his appearance is below.

Now it should be noted, this is a process Malick has been doing with many of the bands. We heard that backstage footage with Christian Bale and Arcade Fire was lensed last year, but it was essentially character rehearsal work, not expected to make the film. We suspect the same is true here. As for McConaughey, we’re also wondering if he’s suddenly been cast in the film. After all, he sits with Malick, Ben Affleck and more on the board for and the director does have a knack for asking people to stop by and do scenes (even in small roles), so who knows.

But, here’s an interesting twist: last year at ACL, Bale reportedly played bongos with Fleet Foxes. So is Malick trying to say something deep and pensive about the state of love, sexual obsession and betrayal via percussion instruments? Holy shit, we really hope so. 

“Lawless” will start shooting official this fall, but holy shit, we really hope that McConaughey/congo footage leaks really soon.

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From the looks of the photo above Tommy Wiseau was there at the gig

Nik Grape

Malick is just as myterious now in the open as he was back when no one knew nuthin about his pre-production. Huh.

Oogle monster

So many people are going to get cut… holy shit! Just think- The Tree of Life had a tiny ensemble and yet Sean Penn was cut out of most of it. The Malick is a strange strange creature.


The Tree Of Life: Pitchfork Edition very cool title.
Harvey changed The Wettest County to Lawless. Maybe use Pitchfork Edition as a new title.

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