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The Return of Anjelica Huston

The Return of Anjelica Huston

I remember a time when Anjelica Huston was a movie star.  From the mid-80s to the mid-90s she was making some really great movies.  Prizzi’s Honor, The Dead, The Addams Family, The Grifters and then, poof, she disappeared.  Her parts got smaller as she got older.  Happens to lots of women.  Thank goodness for Wes Anderson because he singelhandedly kept her on our radar screen in a bunch of his films.  Every time I would see her I would say god I love Anjelica Huston.  Why isn’t she in more films? 

She’s done what other movie actors are doing regularly now, gone to TV.   She’s taken the role of Eileen Rand on Smash and boy does she look like she is having fun. 

The character of Eileen is quite a great character and I’m sure that is one thing that drew Ms. Huston to the script.  Eileen is getting a divorce from her philandering producer husband Jerry.  She is at 60ish coming into her own, producing by herself for the first time, and starting over.  It’s exciting to watch a woman who clearly has lived her life a certain way fight to establish her own reputation away from her ex.  She’s like a kid in a candy store and last week she headed down to the Bushwack for cheap martinis with a cute bartender (who it looks like she is going to get it on with) and violent video games. 

Smash has given us such a variety of interesting characters and Eileen Rand is one of the most interesting women to come along in a while and in the hands of a pro like Anjelica Huston she is even more special.  Can’t wait to see what happens next.

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Anjelica Huston I also love a lot. Really she was born to be eternal. The actresses who were born under the media shine with the first die. Anjelica was born with the art of cinema already installed in hert. With her full potential and with every reason to become a difficult person, she does not coaxed, she does not reject invitations to work Most actresses today choose what they want to think that their success depends on the size of the screen. Poor things … Their success has exactly the size of the hole oblivion. Anjelica will be forever Anjelica on any screen!


Here's the real deal, Anjelica Houston has way more experience and talent than most men and women in the business, she do stuff that is deeply hard for other actors, she could have play that role of Villain in HANNA , she could have play so many more films, folks are intimidated by her , but that's their fu**ing problem Hell yeah I love in Smash, it makes the series legit all the way, but she should be in so much more stuff cause she is damn good, before Meryl was good all the ink Anjelica was taking real hard roles also with gusto. Rewrite some of those male centric roles and give it her and I bet you would so happy you did !!!!

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