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Tom Cruise To Join Beyonce In “A Star Is Born” Remake?

Tom Cruise To Join Beyonce In "A Star Is Born" Remake?

According to media sources, Warner Bros and director Clint Eastwood are currently in talks with Tom Cruise to be the male lead with Beyonce for their planned  A Star is Born remake scheduled to start shooting soon.

The film, which will which be the fifth version of the film since the original What Price Hollywood? released in 1932, was originally scheduled to start shooting last month. However Beyonce's pregnancy and birth of her daughter has delayed the start of the project to sometime later this year.

Cruise was not however the orginal choice for role considering that both Leopardo DiCaprio and Christian Bale were first approached,  but passed on the project

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Beyonce is not gonna do a movie with a white man as her love interest. When she signed to do the movie, she probably thought the man would be black, thats why shes avoiding the movie.
Why won't Eastwood just get another woman or find a black man for Bey?


I'd say the best Tom Cruise performance I've seen was Magnolia. He ran the full gamut of emotions. I'm not sure how Beyonce would hold up against this.


UT OH! After reading all the comments, the following made the most sense (imo). Miles Maker said: "Is yet another remake of this really necessary? The Streisand/Kristofferson version was bad enough. This will probably be worse". And then BONDGIRL replied with "Seriously. I couldn't even finish the last one, and I'm a Streisand fan. Isn't the point of a remake to make something good, much better? What's next, a remake of Soul Plane?". Okay, now I'll say ME TOO! I mean, I'm also a Streisand fan (just watched her again 2 nights ago) but the point I want to stress is, Beyonce's acting skill's does not have to be, nor will they be the focus of this film. Heck, looking back, Whitney was no Viola Davis, nor a Meryl Streep. Yet the movie was a HUGE "success". I am suggesting that we should put this issue in the right context and not use this as a forum to blast on Mrs. Jay-Z. And, it goes without question that Clint Eastwood is a very capable and proven director. This project will be just fine.


Will this be the role that gets Beyonce the Oscar she keeps saying she wants? Only time will tell =D.


@ all – so true! And…If they don't want to invest in a speech therapist for Beyonce than they should at least invest in subtitles. Exhibit A -> Taken from the "Obsessed" trailer: "Yoo bra a gool tou yo hotay rum!" TRANSLATION: "You brought a girl to your hotel room!"

Geneva Girl

I thought it was just me, but I can't stand the way she speaks. There is nothing wrong with a Southern accent, but the way she speaks sounds lazy and uneducated. She seems like a nice woman, but her speaking voice belies it. Since she's on maternity leave she has the time, and the means, to work with a dialect coach to sharpen up her speaking voice. And, as others below have said, some acting lessons surely wouldn't hurt.



Whew! you are perfect right on, you said it, THE CRAFT! she has money for access to acting classes to study her craft, I am sorry but she was horrible in Cadillac Records, not deepness, no sincerity, in her delivery of the lines, and please let us not forget she has been handed many big chances to shine, don't forget that horrible Austin Powers performance. Why does she not go to the pros and get some lessons. I tell you Clint is not one of those who will coddle her, when they knock on her trailer door to ask her, ARE YOU READY, THEY NEED YOU ON SET, he is not going to to give her 5 takes to warm up and then another5 more to get in the zone of her character, maybe if it was DAVID FINCHER, she would 19 takes cause he about the technical and the absolute perfect take, but even he does not coddle, he wants you to dive into character as witnessed by THE GIRL WITH DRAGON TATTOO! I am trying to give her the benefit of the doubt cause deep down I am not a fan of her at all so I hope she can change my mind and channel the greats and deliver a brilliant performance!!!


@SANDRA, I agree with you, here is the problem, for this type of film you do need a first class actress, Clint is notorious for 1 take and lets move on Beyonce needs about 8, she should take serious acting lessons -go hard cause she will be embarrassed by her A-list actor in this project. She had more than a jumble of opportunities to do justice or kill it in Cadillac records and she blew it, I didn't buy it, the other actors were pitch perfect, she is being asked to help carry this film no matter who they co star her with. She can not come to the table, not yet. She needs to do at least 6 films with very small parts with the Angela's and Viola's and others of that caliber to learn her craft. and yes she needs to do Broadway for 1 year. I am not saying she can't do it but her skill set needs to be honed. And at the same time all this going on Vocal coach , vocal vocal coach to get rid of that lazy Texas twang meets Ghetto dialect she has. She can do it but it takes hard work. J-Lo never took it seriously and now she can not rise to the next level and acts with that one note monotone.!!!


Enough with all of this hand-holding! Since Beyonce and her people think she's a real actress send her to the stage. Put her in a dramatic scene with a James Earl Jones/Viola Davis/Eamon Walker type actor…make her show a RANGE of emotions and give her a long monologue (no singing!) that should set her straight and end this madness! I'm in the twilight zone.


YAWN lol

Miles Ellison

Is yet another remake of this really necessary? The Streisand/Kristofferson version was bad enough. This will probably be worse.


wouldn't it be better with a black couple? that would be progress.


I like Tom Cruise. First he's doing that ROCK STAR movie, or ROCK GOD. Now this. But Beyonce? Ugh. She can sing, but I hate her speaking voice. She has that lisp, twang (texas twang?) ugh whatever it is, sucks.


Be's not the problem; Clint Eastwood is. Like most great Hollywood filmmakers, he had a solid 10+ year run that's been over for some time. No way in hell should he be directing a musical (his first?) at his age (no disrespect) or diminished skill level, imo. How come Hype Williams and Little X never fully made the transition to features???

I can't imagine how this'll be good.


the problem is that no one knows Patina Miller and truth be told Beyonce does an amazing job in musicals remember her in Cadillac records and Dream girls. Cnt wait for this


Please…no more Beyonce. Please… her acting is just offensive. How about Patina Miller somebody else… please…

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