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Tom Six Says ‘Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence)’ Will Feature 500 Person Long Chain

Tom Six Says 'Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence)' Will Feature 500 Person Long Chain

Well, say what you will about Tom Six and his ‘Human Centipede‘ franchise, but the man has a vision. A twisted, nauseauting vision, but one that is singular, no matter how disturbing it is. And he’s seeing it through to the end. The director has been talking up “The Human Centipede 3 (Full Sequence)” since last fall, and with his leading man Dieter Laser now officially confirmed, he hit Twitter to let you know how fucking gross the last movie will be. 

“#humancentipede3 will have a 500+ person pede. XXXXL American style!” Six tweeted this morning. He also teased a few days ago about the leading lady for the movie saying, “The actress for #humancentipede3 has got to have hugh balls like beautiful @ashlynnyennie @ACWactress @emma_lock and @TemplarKat” adding that audition details would be coming soon.

When we last spoke with Six, he told us he had plans to shoot ‘Pede 3’ this spring in the United States and explained how it will all connect — just like a centipede. “Like One and Two are really different concepts, Part Three is going to be a totally different concept again,” Six said. “The thing is that Part Two started with the end of Part One, Part Three will start with the ending of Part Two, and I did that because in the end, all of the films can literally be connected, like a centipede. So you have one four-and-a-half hour film, and I love that idea, even though all of the films are so different.”

“We’re going to shoot the beginning of next year, so we’re going to shoot here in America. The script is practically finished, and the financing is ready. I have a few actors, and I’m just fine-tuning exactly where I’m going to shoot in America. But I can’t wait to start,” Six also added.

It looks like it’s all coming together for what will be another stomach churning experience. No release date yet, but you might want to pack some Pepto-Bismol to have with your popcorn.

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Да норм,не орите карач


I have only seen the first one. These movies are seriously fucked up. So i think i'll pass on the third one :L


The first one seemed purely to set up plot and the idea (which is the basis of the entire trilogy) and was not at all as twisted, sick, and deplorable as people say it is. It was a piece of cinematic genius and one of the most original ideas the silver screen has seen in years. The second was purely amazing and I applaud Mr. Six for the idea. The entire film is done in black and white which based on the simple nature of the leading character is how he sees the world (good and bad), except for one single color: brown (the color of filth.) The film hints at how dark his life is: his mother hates him, his father abused him and is in jail (hence why the mother hates him), his psychologist or doctor wants him physically, and he has many mental disabilities…one seems to be down syndrome (although the film never says anything about it). His one outlet and greatest fantasy is the first film "The Human Centipede" which makes complete sense. Who does he identify with? The doctor, this manly, powerful, controlling character whose world is fully in color because he is in control of it. Seriously people look beyond the gore and blood and see what the real message is! The psychological themes of deprivation, insanity, cruelty, and control are what make this film so thrilling… and as for "poo jokes" i didn't see or hear any in either of the films….i don't think either of them were jokes in the least. Tom Six did a wonderful job delving into the side of the human psyche that we rarely see. Think about it…he made the main character in the second film so human that he even spared a child's life…killed the mother and father…but spared the child; why? Because it was innocent. Seriously use your minds to think before leaving a review. I can not wait for the third installment to figure out how all of these wonderful themes fit together…


The first movie was alright,the second one was stomach twisting halfway through and so forth, i dont believe it is a horror movie even though it would scare the crap out of some people but a goretastic film only because now adays they dont make movies to scare you, they want people to watch it and see how many viewers can actually stand to watch how much blood,guts,gore and cruelty you can withstand. Just like Saw but this is alot more graffic and twisted, therefore i give it 2 thumbs up, 5 out 5 star rating, and a special thanks to Mr. Tom Six for having great movie, keep up the good work! I cant wait for #3.


Law of diminishing returns. The first one had camp value and some genuine scares, but the second one, though it had an intriguing concept, was just gross out and poo poo gags. The third one will be less of each, making it, sadly, not worth anybody's time. Sorry, Six. Nice thoughts about the trilogy being linked, though. That's the sort of thing you'd read in a director's Criterion booklet and applaud them for.




The second film was pointlessly nihilistic and unwatchable. But I'm sure the film festival and horror establishment is gonna amuse this fool again and release the third film regardless. Because as long as the money keeps rolling in…


I'm amazed there are people are still interested in what Six is doing. The second film was the absolute worst kind of horror flick: relentlessly retarded yet still deluded enough to fancy itself smart, like Eli Roth at his worst. He gets credit for trying something different but end result was just laughable.


I'm going to have nightmares. I also will never eat again. Why did I click on this? Worst decision of my life.


Felt sick after reading this before going for lunch.

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