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Trailer Watch For Choice Skinner’s Short “In The Mourning”

Trailer Watch For Choice Skinner's Short "In The Mourning"

Here’s the trailer for the just completed short film In The Mourning written and directed by actor, director and devoted S & A reader Choice Skinner, whose previous short film now currently maing the film festival curcuit, Brotherly Love we profiled HERE last summer

This time around with Mourning he’s made a  noir/thriller about “a police detective named Charlie who is dealing with the recent shooting death of his son. His former partner Ray calls Charlie and informs him that he has tracked down the whereabouts of Charlie’s missing wife Mia who is armed and on suicide watch on a rooftop. During the final confrontation between Charlie and Mia past wounds are opened , revealing painful secrets and will change the lives of all involved.”

The lead is played by actor JR Cruz who appeared in the indpendent film Quinceanra.

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No doubt Carey, holla at me.


My man "D", you gotta let me pick your mind because I am getting my feet wet with a short of my own. I'm planning on submitting it in The Louisiana Film Prize contest. I am in the pre-production stage. The film has to be shot in Louisiana. So I am going down there to stay (visit)for about a month. All post-production, music and effects may be executed elsewhere. Hey, call those things that are not as if they already are… that money is mine.

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