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Tyler Perry Gives Whitney Houston’s Daughter Bobby Kristina Role In “For Better Or Worse”

Tyler Perry Gives Whitney Houston's Daughter Bobby Kristina Role In "For Better Or Worse"

Following the well-publicized tragic death of her mother Whitney Houston, and its aftermath, 19-year-old Bobbi Kristina has reportedly been offered a part in the upcoming season of Tyler Perry’s TBS sitcom, For Better Or Worse, which stars Tasha Smith and Michael Jai White – based on the characters from Perry’s Why Did I Get Married franchise of flicks.

Bobby Kristina’s role will be a reoccurring one, playing the daughter of one of the stylists who works in the salon run by Angela Williams, played by Tasha Smith.

She certainly isn’t doing it for the money, because, as already reported, her mother Whitney left her entire fortune in her will to Bobby Kristina; and although I haven’t read any figures yet, I’d say that fortune is likely valued in the millions of dollars.

And despite my aversion to Tyler Perry and his films primarily, he’s certainly been very supportive of the late singer’s family since she passed, and maybe this is another way he’s assisting with Bobby Kristina’s adjusting to life after her mother’s death… or maybe not.

I watched two episodes of For Better Or Worse, and had no interest in seeing more.

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This is what they cancelled Meet The Browns for? Really, TBS? At least that show and House Of Payne were interesting but the thesis for this new show blows all over. Did they have to make the most obnoxious couple from Why Did I Get Married the main characters?
As for Ms. Kristina, she seems like she will be another Lindsey Lohan very soon.


well for better or worse it is a very good show and but there were only 6 or 7 episodes that is how you do all of your shows and that is stupid


Best of luck to Kristina Houston.


TUFF LOVE – COLD FACTS: Tyler Perry is a good dude but he will have a bandaid affect on Bobbi Kristina's biggest demon. But first, as much as I applaud many of Tyler's films (just yesterday I LMAO @ Madea's Big Happy Family) For Better Or Worse was… well… worst of the worst. As Darlene said, "The characters were too phony". And, I also hope that they do something different with the characters! The acting was CER-REE-BRAL TERR-REE-BLE! Anyway, now let's switch gears. This just in from The HuffPost Celebrity. "In the aftermath of Whitney's death [Cissy] is running the show. [She] couldn't do nothing with Whitney and the hangers-on, moochers and enablers that sucked the life out of her, but she's has the reins of this now," a source told the Daily News, adding that her new attitude is, "I'll be damned if I'm burying my grandbaby". Oh lord, Bobbi Kristina has been rumored to have a drug problem for some time now, with photos of the then-17-year-old snorting what appeared to be cocaine surfacing in March 2011. And, some are saying she was wasted at Whitney's funeral. Okay, if any of that is true, Cissy is fighting an uphill battle and the odds are overwhelmingly against her. Seriously, what is Cissy going to do differently than those who "tried" to say Whitney? Please don't say she or other "significant others" should rush Bobbi into treatment. Well, the truth is, some things get worse over time, and if a person continues to do the same things, they will get the same results. And alcohol and crack addiction is insidious. They are both sly and treacherous beyond belief. One hit on a crack pipe and the brain never forgets that feeling. And unfortunately, it's the best feeling a person could ever experience. That's the start of the addiction process. It has nothing to do with the body needing it. The mind will always want more. Or at least, it will forever desire to reach that feeling one more time. The feeling is better than an orgasm. And the beat does not stop… get ready… treatment is a joke! Really, if you've never been in rehab, and thus, know little or nothing about it, I am here to tell you that's it's a dismal failure. It's as much of a pimp game as any quick fix diet plan or the ridiculous words that fall from the mouths of prosperity preachers. That's right, just like the poor souls who drags their tired bones to the shiny feet of the pulpit pimps – seeking help in the most desperate way – so goes the addicted individual. They're frequently on their last leg… so the sanctioned usurpers move in for the kill. It's sad because the sanctioned bodies simply have to say the "victim" failed treatment. But the truth is, treatment fails millions. Well, personally, I don't know anybody that became a millionaire by buying a velvet prayer cloth. And, I know thousands of people (hundreds personally) who have gone to rehab and they didn't stop drinking or doing drug, but they did received a huge medical bill. Many are dead and gone. Listen, if a person puts ALL their eggs – or those of a loved one – in a treatment center's basket, they're on a fool's errand. Bobbi Kristina appears to be in big trouble. Less than .10 percent make it to the other side.


Am I the only one who sees this as a blatant ratings ploy in the guise of "very supportive" of Bobby?


I loathed the show, but I will peep my head in to see Ms. Bobbi Kristina–maybe she's got some 'chops' somewhere–who knows… :-)


I love TP and admire his work. But I wasn't a fan of For better or for worse. The characters were too phony and Tasha is a great actress and the show didn't show her abilities. So good luck to BK. I also hope that they do something different with the characters!


Very nice of Tyler Perry. Then again Tyler is a very kind person at heart and that is why people love him. Good luck BK.


Two entire episodes? I commend you, haha. Good to see Bobbi Kristina moving forward with positive endeavors. I wish her the best.

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