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Usher Will Play Sugar Ray Leonard In Film Centered On Panamanian Boxer Roberto Durán

Usher Will Play Sugar Ray Leonard In Film Centered On Panamanian Boxer Roberto Durán

Well now… no comment from me; but you guys can have at it :)

Usher, who’s apparently been hanging out in London lately, training for the part, has reportedly signed on to play boxer Sugar Ray Leonard in Hands of Stone, starring opposite Robert De Niro and Gael García Bernal in a story that centered on Panamanian boxer Roberto Durán.

As our friends over at The Playlist note,for you none-boxing affficinados, one of Duran’s most famous fights was against the undefeated Sugar Ray Leonard, on June 20, 1980 – a great fight dubbed “The Brawl in Montreal.” And we know how that ended…

I’m in preparation for a very incredible role… If you see me in the corners boxing, I’m doing that while working on this album,” Usher told the BBC.

The film is scheduled to begin shooting later this year.

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So this explains why he's over there telling folks not to be Adele's album. Since it's about to surpass his Confessions cd. I'm with Carey this has to be a limited role for Usher-are we that low on actors who could play Leonard? Where is his Leonard's son at? Let him play his Dad.


EVERY. FRICKIN. DAY. Focus on ONE thing and do it well. I miss actors acting.


I believe I can safely assume this movie will focus on Robert De Niro and Gael Garcia Bernal as Roberto Duran. Roberto Duran's story is huge and spans over a course nearly 40 years. So I doubt Usher's role as Sugar Ray Leonard will get much screen time. Fact is, Roberto fought all the great fighters and champions of that time period. Albeit, Leonard might be the most recognisible name to a casual boxing fan, but their 2 fights fall way short of what true boxing fan would consider as epic events. Truth be told, their fights were lackluster. They would not fall in the top 300 of the greatest fights on record. So, it's possible Usher can do justice to this limited part, as long as he stays away from fight scenes. All he has to do is talk fast, butcher a few words and act cocky… just like Sugar Ray. Hey, who would have believed Will Smith could do Ali? And Will killed that role. Btw, I was a huge fan of Roberto Duran. I had him in his first fight with Leonard (won money) and I still have my ticket stubs from both of their fights. Back then, pay-per-view television was not the standard. We had to go to a closed circuit arena.


First, it was singer/halograph actor:TYRESE visions of acting grandeur of playing_Teddy Pendagrass & Luke Cage, then u got my girl on a swing- Aretha Franklin's high off crack smoke diva casting… that's like casting Tyler Perry as H.Rap Brown, hell to the mofo NO!


Oh no, please tell me I'm sleeping and this is a nightmare. I saw many Sugar Ray Leonard fights with my dad and this will soil every positive memory I have. This must be a spoof on boxing that the Wayans Brothers are doing and Ursher is playing the lead. That I can understand. No way this can be a serious boxing story.


Noooo. I thought he agreed to leave the acting to his twin, Justin Timberlake. And I'm really hoping JT limits his acting to hosting SNL.

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