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Vote for Project of the Week! Will It Be ‘Sex After Kids,’ ‘In Their Room,’ ‘El Limpiador’ or ‘Smoke & Mirrors’?

Vote for Project of the Week! Will It Be 'Sex After Kids,' 'In Their Room,' 'El Limpiador' or 'Smoke & Mirrors'?

It’s time to vote to vote for the Project of the Week!

Vote below for this week’s Project of the Week.

The winning filmmaker will receive a digital distribution consultation from SnagFilms and will become a candidate for Project of the Month. That winner will be awarded with a consultation from the Sundance Institute.

The four projects up for the prize: “Sex after Kids,” “In Their Room: London,” “El Limpiador,” and “Smoke & Mirrors.”

Voting will end on Monday March 19, at 11AM Eastern.

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I voted for SAK based on the Kickstarter video. It is engaging, funny, and has the most promise for a film.

I don't understand what is innovative and breathtaking about "Smoke and Mirrors". The Kickstarter campaign was less compelling and I still don't get what the film is about. I also checked out some of their other work and wasn't impressed.

Anyways, good luck to whoever wins.


ah ah ah, Team Lauren/Lost Girl is everywhere!!!! Go "Sex After Kid"!!!!

Jon Hunnings

I vote for "Sex After Kids" – great idea, brilliant actors – what more do I need to say?

Suzanne Connolly

Hi I'm Suzanne. I'm the co-producer of "Smoke & Mirrors" … This age of contests puts us all in an a-typical situation for indie filmmakers … we're from San Francisco, where we're incredibly lucky to have an amazing community of filmmakers who couldn't be more collaborative and supportive of one another … it's all about sharing resources, crew, ideas, advice and giving one another that pat-on-the-back or shout out on Facebook or Twitter to help our fellow friends / colleagues get the word out there about their film … the positive aspect about social media is that it levels the playing field in many ways, so indie filmmakers (musicians, writers, gamers, small businesses, etc.) can get directly to their audience … the beauty of Kickstarter, the audience can finally get what they want (and the artist retains creative freedom, vs when funded by more traditional avenues like VCs) … we love what we do and truly are about the art … and we honestly would love every other filmmaker / artist to be able to express themselves and pursue their dream / vision as well … so we support all of these amazing films and hope all of you will see all 4 … best of luck to everyone … cheers! Suzanne


300 votes in 30 minutes? Yeah. That's not fishy, or a bot at all. (eyeroll)


Seriously people? I love how Jeremy and Scott are taking the high road. Why can't the rest of you? Look into how many fans Craig Clevenger has alone. It could explain the surge of votes.


No shit, eh? Something smells a little bit fishy… Sex After Kids has been getting their votes pretty regularly where Smoke & Mirrors appears to magically get this surges of a couple hundred in a short period of time. Is there anyway to look into this IndieWire?


How do you get 650 votes in 120 minutes?

Howie Cawltrin

I voted for El Limpiador because a close pal of mine is on the product team. I find it strange how smoke mirrors has received almost 400 votes in the past hour. Sex After kids has gotten alot of votes as well yet I remember them having almost 600 more votes then smoke mirrors at 10pm london time. This seems rigged and I guess el limpiador never had a chance from the start


Hey guys – I'm the writer/director of SEX AFTER KIDS and I wanted to say thanks for all the support, love, and kind words! But secondly I just wanted to say that all four of these projects look really great and totally deserve to be here. It's true that they're asking us to compete against each other for vote, but I truly hope each of us gets completely funded and does well. There's no need for trash talking at all. We're making art, not war :)
The real prize is the recognition and getting our projects made – and we can all win at that. Spread the word about all four of these projects!

Deb Wood

DEFINATELY! Sex after kids!!!!!! Go Team Lauren…you know who you are!


Just voted for Smoke & Mirrors which I think is the better project based on their Kickstarter video. And donated to their project too. The below comments are ridiculous.

Linette Fryer

Awesome cast especially Zoie Palmer. Jeremy is great at what he does in putting superb things together. He has a brilliant mind.

Great production

I thoroughly enjoyed the film…great work

Roger Sarao

Smoke & Mirrors will redefine the short film category and breathe life into Clevenger's breathtaking prose.

Jessica S

Interesting. The "pandering comedy" is killing it. Way to prove how amazing you are…


Smoke & Mirrors.

Chuck Palahniuk called writer Craig Clevenger's debut novel "The Contortionist's Handbook" '…the best book I have read in easily five years.'

Done and done.

Alisa B

Sex After Kids! Great director and a fabulous cast!!

Logan Ryan

I took a hard look at all the choices here and Sex After Kids had to get my vote. The cast, the trailer, the style all yell "You Have To Make This One!"


Smoke & Mirrors! Seriously, have you seen their Kickstarter Video? It will blow you away!

Su Wood

Jeremy LaLonde is Canada's answer to Cameron Crowe(in his prime). Jeremy is a very intelligent, clever writer/director.

John Dolan Vincent

Smoke & Mirrors has a script by a writer Irvine Welsh calls 'One of the most Interesting Writers to emerge in years' and the most striking Kickstarter video I've ever seen. I want to see something challenging and innovative. Check out what @chuckpalahniuk has to say about this project.


The trailer for 'Sex After Kids' is fantastic, and left me wanting MORE! 'Sex After Kids' looks perfectly cast. (I mean really, can you go wrong with @KateHewlett?) I have only one HUGE request: Make sure this film is available in the U.S.!! ~~Trekkenbeck


Sex After Kids for sure!!!

Rachel Clark

Jeremy LaLonde's Sex After Kids is going to be amazing – stellar cast, brilliant writing and a thought-provoking subject with a splurge of great comedy. Everyone vote for this! :)

Berto Martin

Tense with thick anticipation for Smoke & Mirrors.

Possible gamechanger, that.


SMOKE & MIRRORS is going to be an amazing film!


Sex After Kids all the way. Jeremy Lalonde is the next big thing out of Canada.


Sex After Kids….Sex After Kids!!!!


Smoke and Mirrors!


Go Sex after Kids!!


Sex After Kids all the way baby!


If you don't vote for sex after kids, that is probably because you aren't having any!!! BOOM


Go Sex After Kids !

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