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Watch: Charlize Theron Warns Of Death & Noomi Rapace Has A Makeout Session In New ‘Prometheus’ TV Spot

Watch: Charlize Theron Warns Of Death & Noomi Rapace Has A Makeout Session In New 'Prometheus' TV Spot

Believe or not, The Playlist does have a little geek heart, and right now it’s beating pretty fast for Ridley Scott‘s “Prometheus.” The plethora of trailers for TV spots have been first rate and tantalizing, showing off enough from the upcoming film to get us seriously excited, but not quite giving away the whole show. Granted, there is still a few months to go — and hopefully Fox won’t pull an “X-Men: First Class” and dump enough stills and clips to show off half the movie — but so far, it’s easily the summer movie we’re looking forward to most (sorry Batman!).

Now, another new TV spot has landed and there are some morsels of new footage. First up, we get Charlize Theron, who plays an exec at the Weyland Company, warning the crew of “Prometheus” that, “If you’re going down there, you’re going to die.” Omninous. And as we suspected, Noomi Rapace and Logan Marshall-Green are more than just space mates in the flick, getting a bit hot and heavy in a brief moment in this new spot.

Anyway, give it a spin below, and yeah, this stuff is still raising goosebumps. “Prometheus” lands on June 8th. [ComingSoon]

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This just does not have that Scott "atmosphere". Every time someone opens their mouth (including that ridiculous "say what" shot of Elba) it just feels false.

The whole action/horror element feels forced on it by the marketing department out of necessity to shore up the "Alien" connection without coming out and saying "prequel." The result are trailers that look and sound increasingly generic given the creative pedigree of the film.


Hahaha does Idris really say "Heads up!" when he's about to crash the Prometheus into the alien ship? I kinda hope not.


"From the director of…Blade Runner" cut to android in awesome android helmet. Like that. Like that very much.

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