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Watch: Get A Glimpse Of The Future In Teaser For The Trailer For ‘Total Recall’

Watch: Get A Glimpse Of The Future In Teaser For The Trailer For 'Total Recall'

Let’s just get this out of the way: this new trend of teasers for trailers is the fucking worst. But if you’re gonna do it, then we at least have to tip our hat to Sony for doing it right. Forgoing the laughable ten-second treatment that usually seems to be the route these things follow, this thirty-second look at “Total Recall” at least offers up a decent amount of footage.

So, let’s get into it. On the plus side, the budget looks like it was certainly spent and the future world, while slightly generic — “Blade Runner” meets “The Fifth Element“? — looks as impressive as it should. Being this brief, there’s not much in the way of story or dialogue but we get some shots of Colin Farrell jumping around, explosions and a gratuitous ass shot of Kate Beckinsale, whose husband and director Len Wiseman, clearly admires her assets. As for the BRAAAAAAAAAAM score, can we be done with it already please?

Anyway, the full trailer will drop on Sunday, but until then, take a look at the teaser below and see if you feeling like hanging around the internet this weekend waiting for more footage. “Total Recall” opens August 3rd. [Apple]

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Inception horns and trailers of trailers, the two things I hate the most about modern movie advertising.


are you sure that's beckinsale's ass maybe it's biels?


Where was the gratuitious ass shot of Kate Beckinsale?! haha jk but really that was an overstatement, there was more Colin Farrel ass in that video. Don't know much about Len Wiseman but yeah this has a cool look, hopefully there's something special in it to keep us intrigued, hopefully borrows more from Philip K. Dick. Definitely a good cast, with Cranston being in it too.


So looking forward to this. Looks badass!

Nik Grape

What's wrong with the BRAAAAAAAAAAM sound? Makes every trailer feel pretty epic, I dig it. Teasers for trailers is really the stupidest thing that's trending though. They need to scrap that and quick.

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