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Watch: Guy Pearce & Maggie Grace Bicker While Armie Hammer & Lily Collins Fight In Clips From ‘Lockout’ & ‘Mirror Mirror’

Watch: Guy Pearce & Maggie Grace Bicker While Armie Hammer & Lily Collins Fight In Clips From 'Lockout' & 'Mirror Mirror'

Guy Pearce is one of our favorites — let’s get this guy an Oscar already — and while his next flick “Lockout” won’t get him any awards season play, we’re still dying to see it. Why? Because in the Luc Besson-produced movie, Pearce is going full throttle into action hero mode, complete with more one liners than the Cannon Video catalog, and packing rippin’ biceps to boot. In this clip from the movie, Maggie Grace once again plays “annoying,” which she does pretty well, while Pearce patiently tries to shut her up and get her back home. Feels like we time warped back to a movie from 1987….in a good way. Oh, and a bit of positive news: this just got moved up a week to April 13th. 

On the other side of the coin is the family fun wholesomeness (or something) of Tarsem‘s “Mirror Mirror,” which continues to display it’s goofy “charm” in a new clip from the movie. But don’t tell that to Tarsem. Speaking with Digital Spy, the director reveals he’s less than pleased with the marketing department on this one. “I’m really angry at the trailers,” he said. “I’m a director, I guess, so I always get pissed at them! The movie looks fantastic and the trailers look so hammily off. The posters are okay, they’re still neutral, but we’re trying to get the film out there so people don’t judge it by the trailer.” So wait, this isn’t hammy? Could’ve fooled us. But Tarsem picks his battles at this point.

“I backed away from it a bit. I fought that fight on ‘Immortals‘ and I found that I was taking my eye off the movie. I said I’ll fight for the movie, but marketing can fight for how you want to sell it,” he explained. So we’ll see just how much cheese goes with the ham when “Mirror Mirror” arrives March 30th. [ComingSoon/PopSugar]

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"Should we help her…?" "She looks like she's doing fine" – Really? That's all a blockbuster Disney script writer can come up with; one of the most tired puns in film history.

Oh, Andrews… if you find The Playlist so 'pretentious', why don't you use the little mouse beside your keyboard and go somewhere else. Honestly, all these people who spew forth negative comments and jibes about the articles/ reviews/ news – really need to start appreciating the hard effort that goes into a great site like this or move on. It boggles…


I am definitely an Armie Hammer fan (how can you not be??) but this looks ridiculous.


The "Mirror, Mirror" clip looks enjoyable and fun. Perfectly appropriate for a family film. Certainly no worse than anything I've seen in movies from Pixar, Enchanted, PoTC etc. Don't really understand what the scorn is about…then again this is the generally prententious The Playlist so perhaps I shouldn't be surprised by your attitude.

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