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Watch Halle Berry Pet A Menacing-Looking Shark In New Clip From “Dark Tide”

Watch Halle Berry Pet A Menacing-Looking Shark In New Clip From "Dark Tide"

A clip from Halle Berry’s shark thriller Dark Tide, ahead of its March 30th theatrical and VOD release.

A quick recap… A professional diving instructor returns to deep waters after nine years following an almost fatal encounter with a great white shark, at the urging of a couple she brings along with her. However, before they know it, they discover that the “nightmare from the deep” still lurks, “more carnivorous and hungry than ever.”

The 94-minute film’s budget was a reported $25 million and has been rated PG13

Watch the new clip below, which doesn’t do much to get me excited to see the flick; but I’ll catch it as a VOD rental:

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omgg halle….no.
and LOL @ AKIMBO hahahah


I just watched Dinocroc vs. Alligator something on DVD. So even though I had trouble with Dark Tide's premise, I accept it as a B-movie and will likely view it in that same spirit.


i actually want to see this


Don't care about the clip, but does this director make ANY movies that aren't about water, or is he a merman?

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