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Watch: Johnny Depp & Tim Burton Go Gothic & Comic In Trailer For ‘Dark Shadows’ Plus New Pics From The Film

Watch: Johnny Depp & Tim Burton Go Gothic & Comic In Trailer For 'Dark Shadows' Plus New Pics From The Film

Well, after a never-ending supply of still photos and a ridiculously short glimpse of footage contained in a preview for an episode of “Ellen” (we’re not kidding), the first full length trailer for “Dark Shadows” has finally arrived.

Just to recap, the film is adaptation of the cult TV show you never saw (we haven’t) centering on playboy Barnabas Collins (Johnny Depp, once again playing dress-up) who breaks the heart of the witch Angelique Brouchard (Eva Green) in 1752 and, in her fury, she turns him into a vampire and buries him alive. He wakes up in the 1970s to find his manor in ruins, and his family in disrepair to the point that matriarch Elizabeth Collins (Michelle Pfeiffer) has called in a psychiatrist (Helena Bonham Carter) to help.

And while that may all sound like a typical day at the office for both director Tim Burton and star Depp, “Dark Shadows” promisingly hearkens back to better days in both of their careers. Decidedly and pleasantly odd, and boasting a big comic streak, the trailer plays more like a fish out of water tale, with the just-returned Barnabas adapting to the mysterious 1970s technology (the TV gag is pretty funny), while trying to put the house in order. Combined with the garish ’70s decor, a period-specific soundtrack (T. Rex is in there, among others) yet just stamped enough with Burton’s own penchant for the bizarre, this is pretty promising.

“Dark Shadows” opens on May 11th. Watch below. [Apple/ComingSoon/STYD]

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… maybe Burton is best and funniest to the audience who has been following him since the 1980s… cause we get it! ;-)

Christopher Gipson

It looks like it might be fun. I'm down.


egad that looks bad

Noah R.

People were so stunned by how bad Alice in Wonderland was that they're looking at Dark Shadows and thinking, "Well, it doesn't look THAT terrible." That's the only reason for calling this promising. Sure, it looks better than Alice in Wonderland, but that's not saying much. At best, Depp looks amusing, but the vampire in the 70's gag was old before the trailer ended.


Refreshing to see you leaving the hate and whining to this section on this project, but I ask once again: why do you keep trotting out the "cult show no one ever saw" bit about the original? How is it a cult show if no one ever saw it, or are you just presuming that your youthful readership never would bother to seek it out because you haven't?


I won't comment on the movie itself till i see it. But this trailer is just awful!
Are you kidding me? Anyone else see a pattern here? Witty Line – Cue music – Witty Line! – Cue music – Another Witty Line!!! – Cue music!


It lives! It's genius! I love it! I laughed till I cried! Tim Burton can do no wrong and I'm glad to have that once again reaffirmed.

Nik Grape

Yeah, this does not look good. At all. Looks like Bohnam Carter will be the one trying to save another Burton film from complete trite. Can she go 3 for 3?


This kinda looks like mixed things of The Addams Family and My Chemical Romance. Eva Green is in it that's cool.


Playlist has lost it…this looks stupid.


Looks terrible. Eva's pigeonholed herself to death with these dark, sexy, mystery women roles.


ahaha! it looks very funny!


It feels so familiar and uninviting.

Oogle monster

I think this looks good and I'll take Johnny Depp in drag/costume/funny, etc over The Tourist and Rum Diary any day.


While I'm sick of Tim Burton being ridiculously obvious in his choices and regret him having turned himself into a brand, I think this looks really great. He's still immensely talented.


Tim Burton continues to show that he has COMPLETELY lost it. Maybe all his early works were flukes?

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