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Watch: Mel Gibson’s VOD Premiere, ‘Get the Gringo,’ Gets A New Trailer

Watch: Mel Gibson's VOD Premiere, 'Get the Gringo,' Gets A New Trailer

Mel Gibson narrates his way through the new trailer for “Get the Gringo.” While it may have been intended as Adrien Grunberg’s directorial debut after a long career as a first A.D., “Gringo” will always be known as Gibson’s first movie to go straight to VOD (via DirecTV May 1). 

Grunberg wrote the script with Stacie Perskie and Gibson, who also financed the dark-humor action film. Originally titled “How I Spent My Summer Vacation,” it’s the story of a career criminal who’s nabbed by Mexican authorities and thrown in jail, where a nine-year-old boy helps him survive.  

Gibson’s last outing to the theatrical box office was Jodie Foster’s “The Beaver,” which made only $5 million worldwide. So, what we want to know: Will you watch this? Does it seem like VOD stepped up, or was this Gibson’s big step down?

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There are only two actors whose movies I will see no matter what because they always choose challenging and dynamic roles. Those actors are Mel Gibson and Mickey Rourke. Speaking of Mel Gibson, he should have gotten nominated for an Oscar for his bravura performance in "The Beaver" which Jodie Foster directed.


Go Mel! Wish this were opening in theaters but either way I will be sure to check it out.


Actually, this is an intriguing trailer and I'd like to see it. Mel generally makes awesome movies which is more than can be said for the likes of Robert De Niro who has not made a good movie since Taxi Driver or Raging Bull.


Looks interesting, it would have easily captured a niche market, looks as good as some others in that Smoking Ace's genre

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