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Watch Naomie Harris Fire Lots Of Guns In Behind-The-Scenes “007” Video

Watch Naomie Harris Fire Lots Of Guns In Behind-The-Scenes "007" Video

And she looks damn good doing it; I believe her :)

As a recap… Naomie Harris plays a field agent named Eve who, as she says, kicks arse and fires weapons!

I'm sure we'll be seeing our first teaser trailer in a few months, if not sooner.


<a href=";src=FLPl:embed::uuids" target="_blank" title="007 Skyfall featurette - Naomie Harris video blog" rel="nofollow" >Video: 007 Skyfall featurette &#8211; Naomie Harris video blog</a>

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Strangely enough, that was very sexy, the way she handled those weapons. Sexy, indeed. And looked more natural doing it than Saldana did in "Colombiana".

James Madison

Looking good. Great to see an actor with "acting" ability in feature films.

Love Naomie!


Excited to see this Bond because of her.


Sexy. :)


I'm in….All In !


Have ALWAYS been a fan of Naomie. Every action role that goes to Halle or Angelina, should go to Naomie. It's one thing to be skinny, it's another to look brittle and like you're gonna break if you hit somebody (yes, Angelina I'm lookin' at you LOL). Naomie truly looks like she kicks ALL the ass. Yep Nadine, Believable is definitely the word of the day.


Skill… and finally, believable.


Love. Her.

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