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Watch “Ride Or Drive Chick” – Episode 2 Of Dennis Dortch’s New Web Series “The Couple”

Watch "Ride Or Drive Chick" - Episode 2 Of Dennis Dortch's New Web Series "The Couple"

If you missed the hilarious and very well done Valentine's Day premiere episode of The Couple, the new web series that amusingly explores relationship dynamics, created by Jeanine Daniels, Dennis Dortch and Numa Perrier, click HERE to watch it and catch up.

For everyone else… here's episode #2, titled Ride or Drive Chick, featuring Ms Perrier and Desmond Faison.

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Fan of Dennis' work, but this was too one-note: 8 minutes of the same fight with no levels or variation. It was fun (when it wasn't totally annoying) but I expect more of him. On to The Number!


Did I mention I love this? *bump*


"Loves" it … Wasn't a fan of the first episode (or the minisode – usually the chick is the one who has to deal with dude that won't move over when he's tired), so I didn't really forward around, but this right here is "Gold, Jerry, Gold!" I'm going to see if I can get this episode featured on a site that's coming out soon. Great work guys… I want more!


Love it! Great acting and editing. Best ride ever. LOL. Keep doing it Dennis!!! Waiting for your next feature.


NO SHE IS NOT BREAKING DOWN THE TWO STRAND TWIST TO HER MAN!?!?! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! UGH!…O.k. I need them to get out of this car before I break up with her for him…..


"Oooo, you ain't from the South!" AHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! No he di'n't?!?!? YESSSSSSS!



Love these two. I could watch them all day.

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