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Watch: Ridley Scott Makes A Case For Movie Of The Summer With The Full Trailer For ‘Alien’ Prequel ‘Prometheus’

Watch: Ridley Scott Makes A Case For Movie Of The Summer With The Full Trailer For 'Alien' Prequel 'Prometheus'

Christopher Nolan, the ball is in your court. In what’s already been an atypically strong year for big commercial movies (“21 Jump Street,” “The Cabin In The Woods,” “The Hunger Games“), Ridley Scott‘s long-awaited return to sci-fi, “Prometheus,” just made a very strong case for being, of everything, the big studio movie that we’re counting the days for, with the full trailer debuting tonight, just after Scott unveiled it at WonderCon. And it blew our motherfucking socks off.

While the marketing has remained enigmatic so far, Fox do a solid job of setting up the basic narrative — intrepid scientists head to a distant planet to investigate the origins of mankind, discover it’s a trap, things go rapidly south from there — and, while we worry that perhaps too much is given away here, we’re sure there’s plenty of surprises remaining. What we see is remiscent of the original “Alien” while also feeling like its own beast: exactly what we wanted to see. Oh, and if you had any doubts as to whether this did, in fact, tie into “Alien,” you can put them to rest at about 1:37 in the trailer.

Do we remain cautious? Absolutely. It wouldn’t be the first film with a killer trailer to disappoint with the finished product. But the tea leaves are good here, especially given the smart marketing surronding the film, also added to today with a new viral, following Guy Pearce‘s in-character TED speech from a few weeks ago, a brief commercial focusing on Michael Fassbender‘s character, the android David. You can watch that below, along with the trailer. “Prometheus” starts to roll out internationally on June 1st, before hitting U.S. shores on June 8th.

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I think I am more excited to see this than the Dark knight. I am more intrigued by it than any other film coming out this Summer. I am stoked! Also great cast. I am happy to see Logan Marshall Green in this he is a great actor glad he is making a big movie.

Nik Grape

The second Dark Knight trailer will probably blow this one away but I loved that Prometheus trailer. Very excited for this, I really hope it doesn't get too convoluted in its own philosophies. So far, so perfect.


Playlist , please stop overrating the mediocre, forced humor, and unoriginal " 21 Jump Street. " After seeing this movie, I forgot most of scenes. The only decent aspect of this movie was Johnny Depp.


Here for Charlize. Not enough. Dark Knight Rises is more manticipated.




"Big things have small beginnings" should have been the tagline for "Shame"


My question is, who is the target audience? I mean I honestly can't see this opening at more than 30 mil. As far as summer blockbusters are concerned, that would be a bomb (see John Carter). Sure sci fi geeks and film fans will see it but what will be the draw for the general population?


See you later guys! Off to cryogenically freeze myself until August 9th.


Holy shit. The first trailer had my interest, but now I must say that I can't remember the last time I was this excited for a big budget Hollywood summer spectacle. Dare I say it was Star Wars Episode 1? embarrassing in hindsight, but true. let's hope this one delivers.


Jesus fuck! Every hair on me is pointing straight out, and this is like the 10th time I've watched it. Dark Knight Rises and its lame exploding football field can exit stage left, personally. I'm sure both will be good, but this movie looks genuinely frightening to me.


Much better than the trailer for "Dark Knight Rises."


Holy crap.


I dont get how that image puts the alien tie in to rest? What am i missing there?


I'm sold.


Absolutely in IMAX 3D!


Hmm. Lots of awesome spectacle, which is more than can be said for stuff like Battleship. I'm sure it'll make a billion dollars. But is this really the movie of the summer?

And Turk, I understand Noomi just fine.


So excited but I am didn't understand Noomi.

Edward Davis

Outstanding. Nolan, your move indeed.


It looks great but am I suppose to understand Noomi?

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