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Watch: Spike Lee & Denzel Washington Reminisce + Talk Black Progress In Hollywood + Roles For Black Women

Watch: Spike Lee & Denzel Washington Reminisce + Talk Black Progress In Hollywood + Roles For Black Women

Spending my Sunday morning digging through the treasure trove of content that is YouTube, I stumbled upon this great conversation between Spike Lee and Denzel Washington from 2008, in which they reminisce on the 4 projects they’d worked together on as director and actor, and more… including the lack of black executives at the studio level with greenlight power, Denzel realizing that his stock was starting to drop (interesting that he saw this even back then) and his desire to quit acting and strictly direct (maybe all this explains some of the the uninspired projects he’s been taking on lately; maybe, as I suggested previously, he’s just not getting the scripts that we think he’s getting).

They also talk about whether or not blacks in Hollywood had made progress back then, as well as the lack of roles for black women. 

At the end of the chat, Spike expresses his hope that they work together again soon. That was in 2008. 4 years have passed since then; 6 years since their last film together. Let’s hope we see another Denzel/Spike teaming sooner than later.

It’s a good watch and just over 10-minutes long:

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I finally got this playing. It just took the first 30 seconds and I missed them. Seriously. WTF is wrong with the film world when these two don't/can't/won't put stuff out like Scorcese-DeNiro/DeCaprio every 2/3 years? The third minute says it all – at the repartee… Oh lord, please get these brothas back in the mix. Thanks Tambay for this gem.


Thanks Tambay! This clip topped off a nice day. I was doing a little NCAA basketball and watching a few Oscar Micheaux films… Darktown Review, God's Step Children & The Blood of Jesus, and now this clip. Man, did you see the respect in their eyes? I couldn't help but notice how Denzel was in a such a relaxed and comfortable state, that's seldom seen when one is being "interviewed". Even his laugh was pure, open and honest. His eye's and Spikes eyes told a story of trust, respect and a road less traveled. I know why you posted this one ( I assume). This is 10 minutes of classic black cinema! This was like Ali & Joe Frazier… The Thrilla in Manila. I saved this joint! I'm gonna watch it one mo again.

David Ashley

Whats up! This interview is actually in 2006, they shot it right as they finished INside Man. Actually its probably in 2005 because the movie came out in March so I'm guessing it wrapped in at least a few months earlier. I only say this because that makes it 7 years now since two titans int he game spoke about making change, and how much has changed?

I write as well (nothing sold yet) and when I look back at my scripts, I do not have very many significant roles for women! (that'll change if I hit this mega millions…lol)

Thanks for the INFO ur site gives on the biz! This was good one I forgot all about it.



Danzel is a true legend. Loving watching is films. @Ansabak


Yo… I love how there is COMPLETE SILENCE THROUGHOUT THE VIDEO UNTIL Denzel and Spike start talking about roles for Black women in movies (prompted by Denzel) and some Black dude OFF CAMERA starts asking them about "Do the Right Thing"… WHAT?!?!?!? Ladies, this monolithic Black People thing "ain't" working… GTFOH…

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