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Watch The Trailer For Walter Salles’ Long Anticipated ‘On The Road’

Watch The Trailer For Walter Salles' Long Anticipated 'On The Road'

At long last, proof that Walter Salles’ “On The Road” is indeed coming soon to a theater near you has arrived via this French trailer.

Suspected to make its way to the Cannes Film Festival this Spring, Salles’ adaptation of Jack Kerouac’s beloved book has been anticipated for some time. Starring an impressive cast including Sam Riley, Kristen Stewart, Garret Hedlund, Amy Adams, Kirsten Dunst, Viggo Mortensen, Terrence Howard, Steve Buscemi and Elisabeth Moss, the film went into production back in the summer of 2010.

Its US release date is still to-be-determined, but its hitting theaters in the UK in September and its likely a plan for the US will materialize (perhaps during Cannes) and a similar release date will occur. Until then, there’s a trailer to hold over the many fans of the 1957 book eagerly anticipating its first adaptation:

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amigo montoya

this movie is a giant POS.
It's all style and doesn't care about it's characters whatsoever.
Where's Kerouac's insecurities about masculinity that so defined him in an era when american masculinity was so firmly established?
His respect and worship of Dean that so defined his entire need to go 'on the road' and discover himself?




That's just awesome stuff about "Beat Generation". I have been waiting for this, thanks. Plus my beloved Sam Riley.


It looks really great.

Brad langford

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Holy carp. Is the guy playing Sal the guy who played Ian Curtis in 'Control'?!


I’m pretty sure I didn’t see Amy Adams in the trailer.


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