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Watch Trailer For Vin Diesel’s “The Ropes” Series; Season 1 Now Streaming On Netflix

Watch Trailer For Vin Diesel's "The Ropes" Series; Season 1 Now Streaming On Netflix

Here’s the trailer for that Vin Diesel web series with Fox Digital Entertainment, titled The Ropes – an original series about the lives of bouncers – I’ve already alerted you, and which I didn’t care for, which in turn attracted several comments (likely from the same person using different handles) challenging my reaction to it.

As already noted, the series is no longer a web series, and is now available on Netflix. You can stream it there right now if you have a Netflix account. 

I watched the first 3 episodes and wasn’t impressed enough to continue with the series.

Each episode is about 24 minutes long, which tells me that they may have been aiming for TV, likely cable, given the R-rated content. 

There are a total of 6 episodes, each marked Season 1, which suggest that there may be more coming… as in a season 2.

Recall Zoe Saldana signed on the direct at least one episode; I just scrolled the credits of Episode 2 and saw her name listed as director of 2 of the segments within epidode 2. Each episode is apparently broken up into 3 parts. 

Vin doesn’t act in it, but he’s listed as writer and director of several episodes.

Watch the trailer below:

From Crackle: Trailer

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When does season 2 come out


just saw season 1 loved it cant wait for season 2


New favorite show! Season 2 pleaseeeee

The machete

Great series! Keep it up! Waitin for season 2!


Best show of 2012 … 2nd season needed asap !!!!!


Great show cant wait for season 2!hope vin disel come out1


Great show. A good mix of action, suspense and comedy. the guys are hot!! I agree it needs a second season.


def ya need to make a season 2 this shit shoulda been a hbo series..

Sharock Jones

Great!!!!! Show was very good!!! Better have a season 2 or else i'm getting Bug Vic on you guys!


Season 1 was to short! I want more!!!!!!! Please hurry up with season 2!


Agreed send us a season two!!!


Just watched season 1. Thought Vin Diesel did a great job & can't wait for season 2.

Dennis b

This show is awsom,just watched the whole season,hurry up season 2!

mark brady

excellent series absolutely love it being involved in security it give you an idea of the going on obviously old school though as you wouldnt get away with that behaviour these days but cracking show roll on season 2

Andrew M. Pavlik

Awesone job guys, worked 6 yrs in film industry, did time bar tending and bouncing, great cinematography and a true sense of the bond behind the seen. My applause, can't wait for season 2!!


Just finished watching the whole season and I've got to say this show was awesome as hell. As a bouncer, I was able to relate with everything that happened on the show. Season 2 needs to hurry up and get here.


i watched all of them in a row! my husband & i thought it was hilarious!! cant for season 2! Bring.It.On! another great netflix series is lillyhammer


Great show, iching for more!


Amazing please season 2

jimmy uk

Loved it brilliant show preying for a 2nd series


can't wait for season 2!!.


This show is off the hook. Its a must see. I cant wait to watch season 2 OMG!!!


Nothing for UK viewers?

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