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Werner Herzog’s ‘On Death Row’ Subject Executed

Werner Herzog's 'On Death Row' Subject Executed

Having delved into the deep end of the prison system, interviewing a man awaiting execution and the family members of his victims in his outstanding 2011 doc “Into The Abyss.” Werner Herzog is set to continue the conversation about the death penalty and those to whom it’s been given in On Death Row,” a four-part companion series to last year’s film that premieres on the Investigation Discovery channel on March 9th at 10pm.

In an unfortunate instance of timeliness, one of the five inmates he interviews in the series has just been executed. George Rivas, 41, was the leader of the Texas 7, a gang that escaped from a maximum-security prison and went on a crime spree that left one policeman dead, ultimately getting caught after someone spotted them on “America’s Most Wanted.” He was serving multiple life sentences for kidnapping, robbery and burglary charges at the time of the breakout. In the clip from “On Death Row” below, he tells Herzog “I had more time than all mass murderers in the prison system that I know of. They took away all hope for me. When you do that to a person, anything is possible.”

Rivas died by lethal injection on Wednesday. According to the AP, he offered a statement to the family of Aubrey Hawkins, the slain officer: “I do apologize for everything that happened. Not because I’m here, but for closure in your hearts. I really do believe you deserve that.”

The episode featuring Rivas and fellow gang member Joseph Garcia is scheduled to air March 23. Herzog doesn’t support the death penalty, but during “Into The Abyss” demonstrated his ability to highlight its ugliness and find empathy for those awaiting execution while never softening his portrayal of the crimes committed, telling Michael Perry “I don’t have to like you, but you are a human being.”

Speaking at TCA in January, Herzog described James Barnes, the subject of the first installment of “On Death Row,” as “in my opinion is the ultimate nightmare for women… A man with the intention to murder you, and rape you, hides himself stark naked in your closet, and watches you for hours and hours, how you are doing your dinner, how you are watching a soap opera, how you take a shower, and keeps watching, watching, watching. And then comes out and murders you.”

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Apologies for the typo. The last word should read: "story".


Apologies for the typo, that should read: "story"


I have to agree with Chris here for as far as presuming to know what Herzog would say, is concerned.
In addition to that; we shouldn’t judge James Barnes, for only he and his victim(s) know the whole store.

Chris Gordon

Larry Cummings I would suggest you go f–k yourself for being as low functioning as you clearly are- trying to compare a person who killed fewer than six people with one who killed 6 million. Do not presume to know what Herzog would say about Hitler. Likewise cut your silly correlation- clearly being German has nothing to do with this. There are plenty of Americans who are against the death penalty and I dont see you making stupid correlations about them. In short, you are stupid.


I live in Australia & I watched the series on television & I want to say I do not believe in death penalty no matter what the crime, just lock them up until the day they die.

Larry Cummings

Herzog doesn’t believe in the death penalty – I would suggest he keep his comments about it in Germany – I don’t suppose he would have liked to have seen Hitler killed?

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