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When ARE They Permitted?

When ARE They Permitted?

I'm in Columbia, Missouri for the True/False Film Festival, and ventured out on one of my favourite investigations: Small Town Gay Bar!  This sign on the door, however, caught me offguard. As did the fight that broke out in the parking lot after closing time, and the bouncers screaming at everyone to "GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE PARKING LOT OR THEY'D CALL THE COPS." I just wanted cute Midwestern boys dancing to Rihanna. Instead, I got a gay version of the scary bars I'd stay away from in my home town.

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According to ( ), malls, streets, McDonalds, …

Concealed firearms cannot be carried in or on posted private property and the following public places:

Police stations without consent, correctional facilities, prisons and jails.


Polling places on election day.

Governmental meetings and portions of public buildings that prohibit carrying firearms by ordinance or regulation.

Bars and lounges, or restaurants that derive less than 50 percent of income from the sale of food.

Secure areas of airports or any place where the carrying of firearms is prohibited by federal law.

College or universities or any facilities owned by colleges or universities.

Elementary or secondary schools without the permission of school officials or any child care facility without the permission of the manager.

Riverboat gambling facilities.

Buses or bus stations.

Gated areas of amusement parks.

Churches or other areas of worship without consent.

Sports arenas or stadiums with a capacity of five thousand or more.

Hospitals accessible by the public.

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