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A Few New Pics & Another Character Poster From Walter Salles’ ‘On The Road’

A Few New Pics & Another Character Poster From Walter Salles' 'On The Road'

So, will the romance of the open road, and a whole other America waiting in the distance in “On The Road” inspire young people everywhere to journey across this land? Or at the very least get them to read Jack Kerouac‘s book? That remains to be seen, but the spirit of the beats is alive in the upcoming film from Walter Salles.

All set to premiere at Cannes, a few more images and yet another entry in the never-ending stream of character posters have all cropped up online. In the pics we get to see Kristen Stewart and Garrett Hedlund, as couple Marylou and Dean Moriarity dancing away and separately in some more tender moments, including one with the former and a small child. Not bad. Meanwhile, Danny Morgan (who?) gets his own poster as Ed Dunkle aka Al Hinkel who along with his wife Helen (named Galatea in the book, and portrayed by Elisabeth Moss in the movie) were longtime friends of the Beats.

Anyway check ’em out below. The Cannes Film Festival runs from May 16-27. [Kinopoisk/Facebook]

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Just found this awesome stuff here.


I'm pretty sure that's not Kstew in that first shot. That should be the scene with Dean going haywire in Mexico. That doesn't look like Stewart nor does her character go to Mexico.


God, how many more characters can there be? Playlist has like one post a day on this movie.

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