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All The Songs In ‘Cabin In The Woods’ Including Nine Inch Nails, Asher Roth, Eagles Of Death Metal & More

All The Songs In 'Cabin In The Woods' Including Nine Inch Nails, Asher Roth, Eagles Of Death Metal & More

By now, if you made the smart choice this weekend, you’re thinking to yourself, “damn, Cabin In The Woods‘ was a nice fucking surprise!” An atypical horror film to say the least writer/producer Joss Whedon and director Drew Goddard likely blew a lot of minds this weekend. 

However, you might be thinking to yourself. Wait, there’s no soundtrack, other than the score by David Julyan of course, and what were all those songs featured in the movie? Well, don’t worry, we got you. While no soundtrack disc was released, and curiously enough, the song in the trailer that people dig so much, “Young Blood“ by Naked and Famous isn’t featured in the deconstructed horror, the film features a vast and eclectic mix of music that includes heavier artists like Nine Inch Nails (from the <i>Broken</i> EP back in ’92), Switchfoot, Eagles of Death Metal and Iggy Pop, but isn’t without its funky pop tunes featuring folks such as Asher Roth, LadyHawke, the Hight Decibels and good ol’ REO Speedwagon (the placement of this one is great). “Cabin In The Woods” is in theaters now. If you haven’t seen it yet, you should get on that tout suite. Again, no soundtrack disc exists, but if you’d like to make your own playlist, all the music in the film is featured below.

“Hold Please” – Jamie Dunlap, Stephen Lang, Scott Nickoley
“White Knuckles” – OK GO
“Crazy World'” – LadyHawke
“Be By Myself” – Asher Roth
“The Sound (John M. Perkins Blues) – Switchfoot
“So Easy” – Eagles Of Death Metal
“Tightrope Highway” – Motocade
“Miss Candy” – The High Decibels
“She’s Business” – Iggy Pop
“Desire” – Vassy
“River of Souls” – Soul River
“Pas De Deux” – Men In Tights
“Roll With The changes” – REO Speedwagon
“Last” – Nine Inch Nails

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The song by the High Decibels is actually "Miss Cindy" not "Miss Candy"

Lucy Kale

Hey everyone, I just found this album on CD that features music from "Cabin In The Woods" it's called "Listen Brother" it has a bunch of other good tunes on there as well with all net proceeds going to charity!


I created a Spotify playlist with the songs I could find. It's collaborative, so if some finds a missing track feel free to add it. You can find it here:

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