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Are You Ready For A Bobbi Kristina Reality Show?

Are You Ready For A Bobbi Kristina Reality Show?

You just had a feeling this was bound to happen sooner or later didn’t you? Media sources are reporting that Whitney Houston’s and Bobby Brown’s daughter Bibbi Kristina has made a verbal deal with a major cable network for her own reality show.

According to reports, a deal, with the yet unnamed network, is expected to be signed shortly and insiders are saying that no one in the Houston family is, naturally, very happy about this. As one insider was quoted: This show is being done aginat her family’s advice. The series is likely to be a train wreck because of Bobbi Kristina’s ongoing struggles with drugs and alcohol.”

Reports say that, in fact, there were talks last year for a Bobbi Kristina reality show, but since her mother’s death, networks have been tripping over themselves to be the first one to get a show on the air to bascially exploit the young, vulnerable woman for big ratings.

However one report stated that, in a meeting with the network about the show, Bobbi was quoted as telling TV execs that she wanted to do the show to prove to the public that: “I am NOT my mother.”

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Bobbie kristina this is not the right time for a reality show, you need time to mature, by being at the age you are, you are bound to make some mistakes that you will regret for the rest of your life, you need to focus on some guiedance from your famile someone who can show you the best path to take!…right now just focus on the lost of your mom, get throu that first!…than start your chapter in life the right way only the right way!



Dollay Parton does not "own the rights" o Whitney's music. Dolly owns the rights to the song she wrote (I Will Always Love You). As for Whitney's music rights, she has none because she was not a song writer. Whitney didn't write a single lyric she ever sang. So sadly, in death her estate will see little to any money for the music that is selling right now. As for financial trouble, I doubt there was any. Just wishful thinking on the part of her haters.

velma moore

Bobbi kristina is right she is not her

Mother but she sure is her Daughter.


Sounds like this is a remedy for all the financial trouble I heard the family is in since Whitney never owned the rights to her hits (Dolly Parton does). I wouldn't be surprised if this were true and the "guilty pleasure" folk will tune in, no doubt about it.


This girl needs guidance. If Whitney realized and stated over and over again what a mistake it was for her to do 'Being Bobby Brown' (she even refused to do a second season or give permission for the DVD to be released) why would she do this? I think she just wants to be famous at any cost, this is not the way to go.


How I hope this is just a rumor sighs She stated to the world that she wanted to honor her mother's legacy…this would totally not honor anything. I hope this is all just false, her mother would not have wanted this AT ALL.

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