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BET In Talks To Renew “The Game,” “Let’s Stay Together” and “Reed Between The Lines”

BET In Talks To Renew "The Game," "Let's Stay Together" and "Reed Between The Lines"

To all of you fans of BET‘s scripted comedy series –

It looks like BET might bring back Mara Brok Akil’s The Game for a sixth season and the Queen Latifah-produced Let’s Stay Together for a third season, both for  22 episodes. Also, BET may be in talks to renew Kellie Griffin‘s family sitcom Reed Between The Lines, according to Deadline. An official announcement is expected on Thursday.

Via Deadline:

EXCLUSIVE: I hear that BET has quietly renewed its flagship comedy series The Game for a sixth season (third on the cable network), and the Queen Latifah-produced sophomore Let’s Stay Together for a third. The pickups, which I hear are for 22 episodes, are not official yet and are expected to be announced at BET’s upfront presentation on Thursday. Additionally, I hear that BET is mulling a renewal of freshman comedy Reed Between The Lines. BET, whose current foray into scripted comedy series started an year and a half ago with the pickup of The Game after it had been canceled by the CW, is quickly expanding its portfolio.

In addition to the three existing original series, the network is in pre-production on hourlong pilot Being Mary Jane starring Gabrielle Union and sitcom Young Man On Campus starring Jacob Latimore, which originated as an episode of Reed this past season. In growing its scripted business, BET has relied on two key players, Mara Brok Akil, creator/executive producer of both The Game and Being Mary Jane, and Jacque Edmonds, creator/executive producer of Let’s Stay Together and Young Man On Campus and executive producer of Reed. After launching on BET with staggering 7.7 million viewers to rank the top-rated ad-supported sitcom broadcast in cable history, The Game‘s most recent season premiered with impressive 5.3 million viewers. Let’s Stay Together‘s second season opened with 3.5 million viewers vs. 4.4 million for the series premiere, while Reed premiered behind the 2011 Hip-Hop Awards with two back-to-back episodes averaging 3.3 million and 2.9 million viewers, respectively.

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I look forward to the sitcoms on BET. The Game use to be my favorite. Their story line seem to be a hit and miss. Let's Stay Togethe is growing on me, I am still waiting for the kick to keep me watching. Reed Between The Lines was a home run. I like the fact they are a family with values like the Cosby. Reed Between The Lines is a breath of fresh air and is my favorite BET sitcome. I hope BET brings it back for another season.

Tonyayof L.A.

Ok, I was wondering what happened to "Reed Between the Lines". I surely hope the network brings it back because it is great. We have enough "ratchetness" on television, so lets stop acting like they're not any black fams that actually have carrers and kids going to college. Traccee and Malcolm portray cool black parents w/ careers very well; in regard to targeting the gay black community: Before we start w/ homosexual shows, let's get some respectable Black sitcoms locked in first.


I applaud BET for bringing back 3 black shows and adding 2 additional. There is a huge void in television right now concerning African Americans, we are more under-represented now than in the 80's and the 90's.
But I will agree that The Game on BET is not so great. Somehow the core purpose of the show has been lost by adding so much unnecessary drama. Also, Lets Stay Together needs a make over, it's cute enough but certainly not funny. I think it's the plot lines, they are kind of unrealistic. Reed Between the Lines again is a great concept and very cute but the plot plays out in such an unrealistic way that it's hardly amusing.


@Orville, I disagree. Let's Stay Together has gotten it's wheels under it and turned into a really funny show. Last night's episode was great. Did you catch it?


Let's stay together and Reed between the lines are so boring. The only good show BET has is The Game. I think Reed between the lines and Let's Stay Together are recycled forms of 1990s black sitcoms.

I also think BET really needs to become more cutting edge and get some gay and lesbian television shows on the network. It is the year 2012 and it is about time black entertainment address the issue of homosexuality in the black community,

Jayson Jay

Maybe they should hire some of these online scripted show writers.


Glad that BET is trying to make some roles for our talented black stars, and I appreciate their endeavors. I think (hope) that they listen to fans and are able to keep up them loyal to the show. Can't wait to see Gabrille as Mary Jane!


If it's renewed, I think this is going to be the last one for the Game. The show has really lost its sense of direction. Great attempt at bringing it back, BET, but I think you need to let it go after you use next season to clear up the mess from this one.


Boo, they really need to let their talented folks – Coby Bell, Wendy Racquel Robinson, Ronreaco Lee, Tracey Ellis Ross, Malcolm Jamal Warner – move on to projects more deserving of them…or do creative overhauls of all these limping dogs!

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