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Decide Who Talks to the Sundance Institute: Vote for April’s Project of the Month!

Decide Who Talks to the Sundance Institute: Vote for April's Project of the Month!

April is now over, and it’s time to choose one of our Projects of the Week to be named March’s Project of the Month. The project that receives the most votes for Project of the Month will receive a consultation from the Sundance Institute!

Voting will be open until Friday May 4 at 5 PM.

Go to the poll below to vote for April’s Project of the Month!

The links to more information about each project are below.

“Two Blind to Ride”

Christi is completely blind in one eye, and has blurry vision out of the other. Tauru has tunnel vision. His condition is degenerative & he will eventually go blind, so now is the time for this trip! Their bike ride will take them from Tierra del Fuego, Argentina to Deadhorse, Alaska over the next year and a half. They’ll stop along the way to visit & share their story with schools for the visually impaired.

“Werewolves in the Mall of America”

During the coldest winter on record in Minneapolis, a Somali highschool student, Awo, discovers an abandoned Planet Hollywood restaurant in the world’s largest mall.  Teaming with her art school friends, Awo launches an underground club deep within the bowels of the Mall of America.

As the club grows in influence amongst the city’s youth, Awo and her team begin to unleash a plan for reshaping their city, America, and the world.

Capturing the true story of a new generation as they come of age, “Werewolves in the Mall of America”assembles a cast of real young people as they construct what comes after nationality, after race, and after the 20th century.


Dust takes place in a world that is rapidly changing. Each year new species and adaptations alter the balance of their ecosystems. Throughout history Trackers have studied shifts in the environment and taught people to live in harmony with the natural world. With the advancement of technology people’s views began to shift and the Tracker ways were abandoned. Now a deadly new plague linked to a mysterious dust is devastating the countryside around Kabé—the world’s oldest city. Filmed on location in Shikoku, Japan, this VFX intensive short film offers a first glimpse into the world of Dust.

“Pembroke Circle”

‘Pembroke Circle’ is a film about a girl who experiences a horrifying instance of human trafficking that hits extremely close to home. This is not a “message film” and we’re not activists of modern slavery, although we did seek (and have received) the endorsement of some prevalent organizations like Florida Abolitionist. Filmmaker Max Rousseau has written this story as a creative interpretation of real events – some that he experienced in his own life. While the film isn’t intended to create change, we hope it at least brings more awareness to the subject when we share it with the world.

“We Grew Up Here”

“We Grew Up Here” follows Liam, a musician from a tiny Kansas town, who moves to Chicago to escape the decaying town and a failed relationship. He lingers on the memories of his past with his ex-girlfriend and musical partner Lauren.

When Liam’s last connection to Lauren disappears, he discovers that both Lauren and his hometown seem to have vanished. He packs his bags and heads back to Kansas to find them.

Liam and Lauren are played by Eric Michaels and Kate Schell of the phenomenal band, Paper Thick Walls. Their music will be heavily featured throughout the movie.

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Wendy&Graeme Harris

Great to see the results Andrew today, in Australia, and good to read your words in the "comments"…..we're friends of R's family. Best wishes for the future.






"Werewolves in the Mall of America" is One of my Favorite movie…… It,s very nice…….


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"Werewolves in the Mall of America" used microworkers to buy votes


"Werewolves in the Mall of America" is a very nice and good film.I saw first time.I like it.


very nice…!


"Werewolves in the Mall of America" is my favourite get must 1st palace.


"Werewolves in the Mall of America" is my favourite movie.I saw it 10 times in 1 month.I am so happy to get a vote.This flim get 2nd hieght vote :36.26% (1,770 votes)

Jim Vaughn

We grew up here

selim reza

It is very nice and good film and i like it.


anything but penbrooke circle. it's just another movie about a white savior rescuing a poor brown person who has no agency.

dama hanks

Pembroke Circle certainly good enough to be in the winning circle.

Gene Burger

I vote for WE GREW UP HERE


Call it???


Does this end 5pm ET?


Interesting how large surges of votes, in an extremely short amount of time, for Werewolves became less apparent when others became suspicious. Coinsidence, I doubt it. I applaud We Grew Up Here for their growing support. Best of luck. I can't wait to see your film.

We Grew Up Here

We would like to take a moment to thank everyone for being passionate and supportive to all of the projects up for Project of the Month. We would also like to remind everyone that this is a means of supporting independent films, not to slander or discriminate against them. We're sure that all of the projects are working hard to get votes by a legitimate means and we should not assume or accuse anyone of doing so otherwise. This program is not set up to pit us against one another, but to provide each project with a fantastic opportunity. Let's finish this day out with positive attitudes and encouragement to one another. We appreciate your support for independent film and wish the best of luck to Werewolves, Two Blind to Ride, Pembroke, and Dust now and in their future endeavors.
Kevin, Stefeni, Andrew


Pretty sure I know what they're up to.


Yes, something is very fishy about werewolves votes they are getting. Something is not right. Maybe they were suppose to win & are getting pushes on votes. Like everytime a vote is cast they get 25 counts. The rest have been slowly inching up, but werewolves is jumping. Cheaters never win in the long run. We care if it is cheating just like any true blooded American does. Vote WE GREW UP HERE

angela brandt pierce

Vote for Pembroke. A truly great film! Director Max Rousseau is brilliant


This is obviously a shit fest.


You cannot stop Werewolves and our votes program!
Technology rules! Is it cheating? Who cares?


The rapid upsurge of votes for "Werewolves" seems a bit suspicious to say the least. Particularly because I watched them gain over 200 votes in a matter of just 10 minutes. I hope Indiewire is monitoring this.


Go "Pembroke"!!! – Werewolves seems to be getting a lot of votes out of nowhere. Maybe they're using a proxy cheat?


Werewolves is getting lots of votes because we love the project and are working hard for it!


for Leslie, though reading the tease does sound interesting


Ok seriously, how is the werewolves film getting so many votes in such a short period of time? I don't believe they are using legit sources.


Vote WE GREW UP HERE, it is great.


Vote for "Dust" – this project is original and interesting.
Also, Werewolves is clearly cheating. How did they get 200 votes in 10 minutes without a clear social media presence anywhere?


Pembroke and Werewolves sound good, but if I have to choose just one, I'm going with We Grew Up Here.




We Grew Up Here is the way to go. Aces

Nicholas Aquino

Go Pembroke! This show will blow you away.

Tim Powell

Max Rousseau is brilliant. Gifted. Genius. Pembroke Circle will stun and amaze. The cast, (and in particular, Sarah Sculco) deserves every vote they get.


We Grew Up Here is a great story, more to life, so put your votes to a good movie.


Werewolves in the Mall of America are wonderful………


I want to see Werewolves in the Mall of America because it is awesome ……….

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We Grew Up Here all the way. That is the best film & that is the one I want to see.


Which film do you most want to see?


nice movie


Can't wait to see "We Grew Up Here" – the concept is really original, never heard of anything like it before.


I look forward to seeing Max Rousseau's work in Pembroke Circle. With his keen attention to details and excellent support system, there is no doubt in my mind that his films will be known by many, and reach the highest levels of success.



Kristin G

All these projects look great! I picked "We Grew Up Here" because the music is awesome and it's one of the more unique kickstarter videos I've ever seen.


PEMBROKE CIRCLE all the way ! The director is going to go far. The topic of Pembroke Circle hits issues that are happening as we speak. This video would be wonderful at sundance.


Pembroke circle will blow you away ! Guaranteed.


We Grew Up Here is going to be great, so everybody vote for it.


We Grew Up Here sounds like it could be great.

Kenny Stevenson

The professionals associated with "We Grew Up Here" obviously have their stuff in order. I am currently working with a few of their members and can not speak more highly.


Pembroke circle all the way!!! The director is going places!!!! So glad they got their funding and even more, the support behind this film is phenominal and the message and topic is so needed in the ignorant world of today.


We Grew Up Here looks awesome. The band's music is great!


I really want to see We Grew Up Here!


Pembroke Circle definitely! I would love to see this at Sundance!


Go See Pembroke Circle!

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