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Doc “Black Sun” Follows 2 African American Astrophysicists Who Chase Total Solar Eclipses (Fundraising)

Doc "Black Sun" Follows 2 African American Astrophysicists Who Chase Total Solar Eclipses (Fundraising)

Here’s a feature project worth contributing your dollars to, especially as we frequently lament the lack of diverse media representations of real-life black adult male figures in *favorable* positions that young black boys especially can emulate.

Titled Black Sun, the feature-length documentary’s Kickstarter page describes the project as follows:

The movie follows two astrophysicists who study the solar atmosphere during eclipses: Dr. Alphonse Sterling of NASA Marshall Space Flight Center stationed in Japan (a man who had early success in the US, but left his home country to further cultivate his wide-ranging interests); Dr. Hakeem Oluseyi of the Physics & Space Sciences department at the Florida Institute of Technology (a scientist who beat all of the odds: poverty, homelessness, single-parent, poor early education, etc., to get to where he is today). “Black Sun” explores how and why the two men became scientists, their opposing paths and personalities, their struggles as minorities in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) field, and their noteworthy accomplishments today. We begin in Tokyo following Dr. Sterling as he observes the annular eclipse in preparation for when he travels to Cairns, Australia, to observe the total solar eclipse in November.

The rest of the story can be found HERE.

But you’re encouraged to watch the pitch video below, and if you’re sold on the idea, why not contribute to the campaign via the widget underneath the video; the goal is to raise $10,000 with 24 days left to go (the filmmakers –  Jarita C HolbrookKelvin Z. PhillipsCarla L. Jackson – have raised $660 as of the time of this post):

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Carla Jackson

Hey Laura, JMAC, and Nadine – we made our goal, in case you did not know. :-) Our filmmakers traveled to Tokyo and are back. We are working on creating a trailer of the trip, and are gearing up (aka: exploring all avenues of funding) for the November shoot in Australia. We hope to have a Black Sun web site up by early fall. Please be on the look out for it. Or if you like, be added to our non-spammy email list at Thanks all!


my daughter wants to be a scientist


Cool. Wonder if Charles Bolden will make a cameo?

And yes I will be donating at the end of this month:)


Ummm… can you say "forwarding"! Nice!

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