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Donald Glover Stand Up Show “Weirdo” Coming Out On DVD Next Week

Donald Glover Stand Up Show "Weirdo" Coming Out On DVD Next Week

He’s popular and people are all excited about him, and the kiddies like him, so for you hard core Donald Glover fans out there might be interested to know that his stand up comedy show Weirdo is coming out on DVD next week, on April 10th, through Entertainment One Home Video.

This is the same show that premiered on Comedy Central last fall; I happened to catch it back then and honestly I have to say I don’t get him. I know he’s supposed to be all the rage and cutting edge and all black nerdy and stuff, but I didn’t laugh once. Comedy is subjective you know. Either it’s funny to you or it’s not, and it wasn’t to me. Maybe it’s a generational thing. 

In the meantime I’ll stick with my Rudy Ray Moore LPs and his tales of pimps and ho’s:

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Yeah, I'm a fan too…way back, from his NYU Hammerkats Sketch Comedy days. Go Donald!!!


He's funny and talented. I don't get why this site throws so much shade his way.


I HATE "COMMUNITY" with a passion, but like him for doing Awkward BG. …had to laugh at the faux patois and "niglet"… was that wrong?

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